The 5 Best Travel Makeup Bags 2022

The Best Travel Makeup Bag

There are a ton of reasons why all women need a functional, high quality, and cute makeup bag. Whether you travel a lot or just need a place to store all of your makeup and face care products, having a makeup bag is a necessity.

The 5 Best Selling Makeup Bags:

Makeup bags can protect all of your products and give you a place to keeps your items organized. Makeup tends to be quite expensive, so the last thing you want to do is accidentally break and misplace your makeup and face care items because you don’t have them organized in one safe and convenient location.

What Are Some Makeup Bag Essentials?

There are a few makeup bag essentials that every girl needs to always keep on hand when at home and when traveling as well. It is always best to be prepared for all situations, so we have compiled a list of must-have items to keep in your new makeup bag!


What good is all of that beautiful and organic makeup if it doesn’t stay put on your face all day? Using a good face primer under all of your makeup can make a massive difference. Primer makes makeup go on more smoothly, gives you a more flawless look, allows the makeup’s pigmentation to stick better and appear more intense in color, and helps your makeup last and stay in place all day long.


If you have red areas on your face, suffer from acne or occasional breakouts, or need to cover some bags under your eyes, a base is a must in your bag as well. It provides high coverage in those tough to cover areas that foundation just doesn’t hide.

Under-eye Concealer

If you find that you really suffer from dark bags under the eyes, you may also want to invest in a specific under-eye concealer. It will help brighten up the skin under your eyes o help hide what you don’t want others to see. What is really cool is that it can also double as a way to highlight your cheekbones as well and make them pop.

Spot Concealer Stick

A spot concealer stick is an easy and convenient way to blur away pimples, scares, and the like. Concealer is a thick and highly pigmented cover-up that can conceal imperfections on the stick. This is great to use every day and take with you while you are traveling. It can be placed in your carry-on bag or purse and used to touch-up whenever you need it.

Tinted Lip Balm

Traditional or organic and natural lipstick isn’t for everyone, and most women don’t wear thick and highly pigmented lipstick on a daily basis. But, if you still want your lips to have a touch of fun and/or neutral color to make them pop, and tinted lip balm is the perfect way to go. They tend to be light in color and feel and can be worn every day for a beautiful natural look. Plus, it is a perfect lip moisturizer!


Eyeliner is a classic makeup item most women use and love. It adds depth and dimension to your eyes to make them look as big and beautiful as ever. You can’t go wrong with a black or dark brown eyeliner pencil, gel, liquid liner, or even powder. What type of liner you use is completely a personal preference, but essential to keep in that makeup bag at all times.


This may just be the most important item of all! If you don’t wear a ton of makeup or are in a rush out the door to work, an appointment, or to hang with friends, simply applying some mascara will make a world of difference. It makes your eyes stand out and pulls together a makeup-less face or enhances a done-up face as well.

Blush and Bronzer

A blush and bronzer duo is a classic makeup combination that most women know and love. Blush brightens up those cheeks with a warm pink tone and bronzer gives you a bright and bronzy healthy glow. Using this duo will up your makeup game without overdoing it.

The 5 Best Makeup Travel Bags:

Now that you know what are some must-haves in your makeup bag, it’s time to actually pick out an awesome option to store all of your products. Below is a list of the top 5 makeup bags! Let’s take a peek.

1. LeSportsac Essential Everyday Cosmetic Makeup Bag

LeSportsac Essential Everyday Cosmetic

This makeup bag comes in a ton of different colors and patterns, so there is something for everyone’s taste. The bad is made from 100% nylon so it is sturdy and can be hand washed and cleaned easily. It is a zipper closure, which makes it easy to open and close.

On the inside of the bag, there is an interior slip, interior zippered pocket to keep some of your smaller makeup items and products in, and an ID window, and card slots, which makes this bag awesome for travel. You can keep all of your essentials like credit cards and license in the pockets for easy access.

It is great to throw in your carry-on bag or purse. It also works super well for just organizing your makeup when you are at home. It keeps it all in one convenient location and protects it as well.

2. Kate Spade Cameron Street Makeup Bag

Kate Spade Cameron Street Bag

If you are looking for a designer makeup bag that is fashionable and practical, look no further than this Kate Spade makeup bag. It comes in three sophisticated colors or black, light gold, and a misty mint color is you want something a little more fun. This is a compact cosmetics case that is great for traveling when you don’t need to bring tons and tons of makeup with you and just the essentials.

It has a top zip closure, interior wall pocket for your smaller makeup items, and the inside of the bag is lined with a protective material the outside of the back is 100% genuine leather for a sleek and sophisticated look. It is a great very high-quality makeup bag that it meant to last you for years and years to come, so the higher price tag is justified.

3. HaloVa Toiletry and Makeup Bag

HaloVa Toiletry Bag

This bag has multiple compartments for storing different kinds of makeup and separating them. It is made with a sturdy zipper that is meant to last a long time. The bag folds and unfolds for easy storage and easy access to the contents inside the bag.

It is a large size, which means you can fit a lot of makeup, face products, and other necessary personal care items, especially when you are traveling. There is a hook inside of the bag as well so you can hang the bag at home or in a hotel for easy storage. It comes in 2 fun colors and patterns.

4. Hankcles Makeup Bag

Hankcles Makeup Bag

This reasonably priced and high rated makeup bag comes in fun colors and patterns that will make storing your makeup fun and exciting. It is made from waterproof nylon so it is sturdy for traveling and keeping in the bathroom.

The fabric also makes it very easy to clean and wipe up any makeup or liquid spills. On the inside, there are mesh pockets and zippered pockets that can store a variety of different makeup items, creams, lotions, toners, and so much more.

There is a hands-free hanging hook so you can hang up the bag in the bathroom of your home or of a hotel. Hang it from a closet rod, a towel rack, or anything else that you can hook the bag too.

5. Vera Bradley Hanging Makeup Organizer Bag

Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer

This is a special makeup bag because it doubles and a traditional makeup bag and a hanging organizer as well. It’s truly multi-purpose. It comes in a few different colors from black to hot pink. It is made from a polyester material that can hold up to a lot of wear and tear. It can also be washed in the washing machine because you know how dirty those makeup bags tend to get.

There are a ton of pockets, which make this a great option for people who have a ton of makeup they have to store and/or travel with. There is a top zipper, interior pocket with two double taffeta lined and clear plastic compartments, and a plastic bottom pocket as well.

For those of you looking to travel with this makeup bag, there is a carry handle, a tie closure for easy closing, a hanger that you can tuck away that can be used for hanging up at home in a closet or on a wall or when you are traveling. It has more pockets that can be used for jewelry, hair accessories, and other personal care items.

Here we list only the 10 best selling travel makeup bags, designed and manufactured by trusted bag manufacturers. All rankings updated in real-time and all travel makeup bags, listed here, can be purchased online and delivered to most international destinations.

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