The 5 Best Primer for Large Pores of 2022

The Best Primer for Large Pores of 2021

We all have pores on our skin; the only difference is that some are enlarged and visible while others are not conspicuous. 

Sadly, you can’t do away with them because they play an essential function on the skin. Pores help the skin breathe and act as the passage of natural oils to the skin surface for moisture. 

Most oily skins have enlarged pores because they produce excess sebum. Large pores age you in appearance and make your face dull.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup without the pores showing. That’s precisely the reason why primers were discovered. Here,  you learn how to minimize your large pores like a pro without paying an arm and a leg for it.

Primer for Large Pores 

It minimizes the appearance of pores by shrinking their sizes. If your pores and fine lines are visible after applying foundation, then it’s a sign you need a primer for large pores. 

A primer will blur the appearance of those pores and wrinkles. It also forms a layer of protection to ensure no makeup residue finds its way into pores. 

The 5 Best Primers for Large Pores:

1. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer

Best overall primer for large pores

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer

This Baby Skin Pore Minimizer Face Primer by Maybelline New York is a popular primer for making the skin smooth and silky. The primer is also suitable for all skin types.

It has a silky matte finish to ease your makeup application. The foundation will go on smoothly, and your large pores will not be visible. 

Aside from blurring your pores, this primer moisturizes your skin so that your skin doesn’t choke with dryness from makeup products. It’s also lightweight and blends easily with your makeup.

You can wear it as a base before applying foundation or wear it alone for a natural-looking flawless finish. However, it contains silicone.

2. No Pore Blem Primer

Best hydrating pore minimizer

No Pore Blem Primer

Are you looking for instantly flawless skin? This primer promises immediate results. It turns your skin smooth in preparation for makeup. At the same time, it controls your sebum production, keeping shine under check. 

It has a microfiber formula that covers wrinkles and pores by forming a layer on your skin surface. The result is velvet smooth and even skin tone.

The primer is infused with soluble collagen and green tea extract to help your skin maintain moisture and make it elastic. The herbal extract protects your skin from makeup residue and prepares it for makeup.

It’s lightweight and has a soft melting consistency.

3. Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Face Primer for Oily Skin

Best primer for oily skin

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Face Primer for Oily Skin

Keeping shine under control for an oily face is not easy. This primer is made for oily skin to slow down sebum production.  It achieves a matte finish that makes your large pores invisible and prevents makeup from creasing or melting into the oil on your skin. 

This paraben-free primer is blended with a powder that keeps makeup in place all day. It also minimizes other imperfections and brightens your skin.

Although it’s lightweight, it hides wrinkles, fine lines, and pores perfectly. The texture of this primer is blendable, making it easy to apply.

4. Rimmel Stay Matte Mattifying Primer

Best long lasting primer for large pores

Rimmel Stay Matte Mattifying Primer

This mattifying primer by Rimmel gives you up to eight hours of shine control. It prevents your foundation and makeup from becoming greasy or wearing off quickly. It makes your makeup stay intact for a whole day.

The velvety matte finish makes your face smooth and perfect for makeup. But you can also apply it alone without makeup and rock a flawless natural look without your face shining.

The primer is ultra-lightweight making it comfortable to wear. Your face will feel like you have no makeup on. Besides controlling shine, it’s excellent at minimizing the appearance of pores leaving your face smooth.


Best nourishing primer for minimizing large pores


This 100% vegan primer could be your solution for filling your large pores and blurring them. With a completely matte finish, It’s suitable for oily skin to control shine.  But it works with other skin types too. It is infused with vitamin E, which is excellent for making your skin smooth and reducing sebum. 

The primer reduces the appearance of your large pores by filling them. It keeps shine under check and leaves your face smooth with no imperfections. It enhances your makeup by making it apply smoothly and hold for long hours.

Although it’s a vegan product, it contains silicone. However, it’s talc-free and oil-free.

What is a Makeup Primer?

A primer is a product that you apply to your skin before applying foundation and other makeup. It comes in gel, cream, powder, or liquid form.

After cleansing your skin, toning, and moisturizing, a primer follows next. It’s like the base coat that is applied before painting a house. A primer forms the base upon which you apply foundation and makeup. It holds makeup and makes your skin look flawless. 

There are so many primers than you’ve ever thought of. The primers range from: those that add glimmer like when you’re going for a party or photoshoot; shine control; correcting primer to make your skin tone look even by covering patches of different skin tones; eyebrows primer; to pore blurring primers, and the list is endless.

The Benefits of a Primer

Holds Makeup

A primer is a base that makes your foundation apply smoothly and last all day. Your makeup will not sink into pores and fine lines, looking like it’s poorly done.

Reduces the Size of Pores

It diminishes the appearance of large pores by tightening them, wrinkles and fine lines making them not visible through the foundation. So you won’t look older than you are.

Bright Skin

It brightens your skin since blackheads make you dull. It hides dry patches on the skin and other imperfections, making your makeup flawless.

Control Shine

Plus, it balances oil on your face by absorbing the excess fat; hence your face won’t look shiny.

It makes your skin smooth. A primer has nourishing ingredients that make your skin soft and silky.

Protect Skin

It prevents your skin from damaging makeup effects by acting as a shield of protection between makeup and your skin. It prevents makeup from settling in fine lines or getting into the enlarged pores. Some primer brands have sunscreen protection.


Some premiers are infused with hydrating oils that help your skin stay moisturized. In turn, it facilitates self-healing of skin for smooth, healthy skin. A primer keeps your skin moisturized, but it controls the excess oil at the same time. 

Easy Makeup Application

When you apply a primer, it makes your skin smooth and silky. Makeup glides over easily. Blending makeup is also easy because the skin doesn’t have dry perches, and it’s smooth.

What to Look for in a Primer

Sunscreen Protection

If you don’t use sunscreen in your makeup routine, consider a primer with SPF, especially during hot months.


 If you have dry skin, a hydrating premier is what you need. Even if you want to minimize your pores, use a pore minimizer that moisturizes your skin as well. 

Primers labeled as replenishing, soothing, hydrating, or moisturizing will help you add moisture. Most oil-based primers are hydrating.

Mattifying Primer 

These have a matte finish, so they help in oil control. If your skin is oily, this is the best primer for you. Avoid oil-based primers because they might make your face shine more.

Sensitive Skin

 Primers for sensitive skin are clearly labeled, and most of them have natural ingredients. They avoid chemicals and artificial additives like paraben, silicon, alcohol, fragrance, and gluten because they irritate the skin. The fewer the ingredients in the primer, the fewer the irritants it has.

Primer for Mature Skin 

If you’re aging, you may want a primer that is anti-aging as well. Primers with nourishing oils, antioxidants, and Vitamins B, C are great for dealing with fine lines and repairing skin. They also hydrate the skin to make it supple and elastic.

Skin Needs

There are different kinds of primers for all parts of the face and different needs. 

To reduce the appearance of large Pores, look for a primer dedicated to that specific function. Most are labeled as a pore minimizer, pore filler, no pore, pore eraser, pore blurring.

Water-Based vs Silicone-Based Primers

Makeup primers are made using a different formula. Some have silicon as the base, while others use water as the base ingredient. Which one is better? 

Silicon-based primers result in smooth, flawless skin. Moisture stays locked into the skin, and the primer controls excessive shine because it has a matte finish.  Makeup applies well because imperfections are covered, and it goes on smoothly and evenly. It doesn’t settle in fine lines or become cakey. 

Water-based primers are lightweight. Because of having water as the base ingredient, most of the water-based primers moisturize your skin. They are infused with hydrating and nourishing ingredients.


Do I need a primer?

A primer is a must if you have large pores and want to wear makeup. If your pores and fine lines show through your foundation, it’s time to order a primer. 

A primer is also necessary if your makeup doesn’t hold for long, your face becomes shiny an hour after applying makeup, or the dry patches on your skin interfere with your foundation making it look imperfect.

Is a primer effective for large pores?

A primer is very effective for covering all pores regardless of how large they appear. It forms a layer on top of your skin, totally blocking all pores and imperfections. You can do a trial at home, and you’ll not want to wear makeup without a primer.

Bottom Line

Without a primer, you are not ready for flawless makeup. It’s the only way to cover large pores from showing. The relieving news is that you can get quality primers at an affordable price. The above primers are some of the best pore minimizing primers

you could find.

This article was last updated on February 4, 2022 .

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