The 10 Best Makeup Boxes 2022

The Best TMakeup Box

There is a multitude of reasons why all women need to invest in a functional and high-quality makeup box. Whether you travel a lot for fun or work or just need to keep your bathroom or makeup station clean and organized, a makeup box can help protect your makeup and other face care essentials.

Makeup boxed tend to be more protective and larger than a makeup bag, so this is a great option if you have more makeup than the average woman or want to make sure you have a hard layer of protection and not just fabric.

The 5 Best Selling Travel Makeup Boxes:

Here we list only the 10 best selling makeup boxes, designed and manufactured by trusted makeup gear manufacturers. All rankings updated in real-time and all travel makeup boxes, listed here, can be purchased online and delivered to most international destinations.

Common Items Kept In a Makeup Box

Below we have a look at the most common items stored in a makeup box, both to protect their quality and longevity in your house as well as on your travels.


Primer is a face care essential that all women need to have in their makeup box. A primer will make your makeup go on much smoother and can also help to even out your skin tone and fill in any larger pores that can make you feel insecure. It will also help keep your makeup on and in place all day long so it doesn’t fade or settle into the fine lines on your face. It will also help make sure the colors of your eye shadow and blush are more highly pigmented.

Spot Concealer Stick

A spot concealer stick is an easy and convenient way to blur away pimples, scares, and any other spots on your face that make you feel uncomfortable. Concealer is much thick than a regular tube of foundation so you are going to get much better coverage from a concealer stick. Getting concealer in stick form will also make it easier to store, transport, or put in your purse for when you’re on the go.

Tinted Lip Balm

Lipstick isn’t for everyone, and most women don’t want to wear thick and highly pigmented lipstick on a daily basis. Therefore, the perfect alternative to commercial lipstick is finding an awesome, organic, and natural tinted lipstick or limp balm. It will keep your lips moisturized throughout the day and also give them a subtle and pretty pink, red, or whatever color you choose, tint.


Eyeliner is one of the most classic makeup items most women use and love on a day-to-day basis. Eyeliner can add a ton of beautiful depth and dimension to your eyes to make them look much bigger and more defined. You can’t go wrong with a black or dark brown eyeliner pencil, gel, liquid liner, or even a powder. What eyeliner type you use completely depends on your personal preference and how you like to do your eyeliner.


Mascara may just be the most essential makeup item we could ever think of. Mascara has the unique ability to make your eyes pop and you can use it without any other makeup, and still look awesome. If you don’t wear a ton of makeup or are in a rush out the door to work all you need it to apply some mascara and it can totally transform your face. Check out the best natural and organic mascaras, here.

The 10 Best Makeup Boxes:

Now that we know some of the most essential items to keep in your makeup box, let’s explore some of the best makeup boxes you can buy in 2018!

1. SONGMICS Portable Makeup Train Box

SONGMICS Portable Makeup Train Case

Even though this is a mini and portable train case, that certainly does not mean it lacks room for all of your makeup. This awesome hard makeup box has a convenient built-in mirror for applying your makeup when you don’t have access to a full mirror, like when you are on the go.

It also has two extendable trays for easy organization and a ton of space. The handle on the top of the box makes it easy for traveling and carrying around if you need to travel or move your box around a lot. This is a great box to keep your makeup organized and protected but in a compact and spacious way.

2. Samtour Makeup Box

Samtour Makeup Box

This professional and affordable makeup case is made from high-quality material that is built to last for the years to come. Its oxford fabric and nylon lining are waterproof and shockproof, so your makeup will be safe from breaking and also won’t be a mess if something in your box leaks. There is also a two-way zipper and a large handle for easy transport. There are multiple compartments for easy organization and the compartments also adjust in size so you can really customize your makeup box

3. Beautify Makeup Box

Beautify Makeup Box

This beautiful blush and gold-colored makeup box could not be prettier or girlier. It has plenty of room to store all of your makeup and face care products and then some. It also makes a great box for travel with its solid rose gold metal handle. This box is comprised of three tiers and has full twelve removable dividers so it is easy to clean or customize how you want your makeup box to be organized.

There are also sixteen different compartments in the top layer of adjustable and extendable trays. There are also two trays in the bottom and a larger bottom section for your larger beauty and makeup items. It also is built with a super hard PVC shell and has a soft velvety lining to really keep all that makeup safe and secure.

4. Beautify Jungle Vanity Makeup Case Box

Beautify Jungle Vanity Case

If you are looking for a super fun and compact makeup box, this is definitely the box of your dreams. Even though this is on the smaller side, it has a ton of room on the inside with a three-tier design and nine different compartments in the top extendable trays. There are also two trays on the tier below and it also has space in the bottom of the box for your larger makeup or face care products. The box is made from a hard and sturdy PVC and also has a soft and protective velvet lining.

5. Songmics Makeup Box

Songmics Makeup Box

If you are looking for a simple, black makeup box, this may just be the ideal option for you. It is made from an aluminum frame and reinforced corners, which make it sturdy but also keeps the box super lightweight and portable. The compartment in the bottom of the box is super deep so it can store a ton of makeup and also your largest makeup and face care products.

This makeup box can also lock, so it is ideal for traveling and you do not have to worry about the box opening up and spilling your makeup everywhere. There are eight folding trays and four of those trays are extendable.

6. Caboodles On-The-Go-Girl Cosmetic Makeup Case Box

Caboodles On-The-Go-Girl Cosmetic Case

If you are looking for a super inexpensive makeup box, but one that still has a lot of room, this is a great option. It is a rounded and molded classic plastic box that comes in three girly colors. It has a lift-up mirror for putting on makeup while you are out or traveling. It has a relatively deep storage base and a lift up tier to help keep your makeup organized.

The box has a clear handle on the top, which is great for moving the box around. The tray in the bottom has three different compartments for convenient makeup separation. This is a good box if you are just starting out or if you plan on keeping the box at home. It is not the most durable box for a lot of moving and traveling.

7. Ikee Design Makeup Train Box

Ikee Design Makeup Box

This makeup box is designed with a fun black and white pattern on the outside to make you stand out from the crowd. It has white-leathered handles, corner protection, and a holder. There is plenty of room with four different extendable trays and a large bottom level as well.

The inside is lined with vinyl, which makes it very easy to clean and wipe up any messes or spills. The chrome clasps that keep the box together make the box super sturdy and great for traveling a lot. The outside of the box is made with an aluminum frame for strength and keeping it lightweight.

8. BOKNIGHT Beauty Pro Cosmetic Aluminum Makeup Box

BOKNIGHT Beauty Pro Cosmetic Aluminum Makeup Box

This bright hot pink and funky makeup box is unique and fantastic to store your makeup. It has a very large bottom level and double-sided three-tier trays. There are two locks on the outside of the box that is meant to keep your makeup as safe as possible. The material used to make the box itself it heatproof, so your makeup stays cool and your makeup will not melt in the summer while you are traveling by plane or car.

9. EVE’S LOVE Makeup Train Case Box

EVE'S LOVE Makeup Train Case

This elegant blue makeup bag is feminine and fun! This makeup box is made with top-grade PU leather and high-quality paperboard to make this box ultra durable. It is easy to clean, waterproof, shake-proof, and will not wear and tear easily. There are a built-in mirror and specific brush holders, and a two-way zipper that keeps the products in your makeup box as safe and secure as possible. It has a simple design on the inside with three separate compartments. It is great for the minimalist makeup user.

10. Ikee Design White Cosmetic Makeup Travel Carrying Box

Ikee Design White Cosmetic Travel Carrying Box

This makeup box is designed with a classic and elegant pattern, material, and color. It has sturdy handles, corner protection to prevent the box from scratching counters and tables, and a holder. There is a ton of room with four extendable trays that come out and up from both sides of the box and a large bottom level as well. The inside is lined with vinyl, which makes it easy to clean and wipe up any messes. The outside of the box is made with an aluminum frame for strength and keeping it lightweight.


We all know how pricey makeup can be, so we want to make sure that all of that expensive makeup is safe and protected. There is nothing worse than accidentally knocking off an expensive eye shadow pallet from your table or sink. A makeup box can prevent these kinds of things from happening and can also keep your makeup in one convenient location.

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