The 5 Best Nail Polish Dryers of 2022

As much as it is fun to creatively decorate your nails, the whole process of drying can cause frustration. Not to mention the proneness to ruining your efforts when you accidentally touch your wet nail art or brush it off against a surface. Is there something that could expedite the process of drying your nail polish? Of course, that’s what nail polish dryers are for. 

Whether you are a makeup loving woman or someone who owns a beauty salon, a nail polish dryer can be a great addition to your makeup collection. Sometimes, you have to work fast when you are getting late to get to the party. That’s when drying your nails can seem as slow as the process of paint drying on the wall. 

Our top choice is the Diozo. This one is faster, reliable, and has an auto sensor for gel nail polish. It can cure 5 fingernails at a time and with a delay of only a few seconds. Moreover, the lamp is smart and user-friendly. This lamp is a perfect addition to your home and salon. 

The 5 Best Selling Nail Polish Dryers:

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling nail polish dryers on The list is automatically updated once a day.

Our selection of the 5 best nail polish dryers:

In simple words, if you love nail art and often changing your designs, you need a nail polish dryer. How can you get the best one? Take a look at the list of the best 5 and then learn about the factors that can help you buy the right one.


1. DIOZO Portable Nail Dryer

The stylish and portable nail polish dryer you need.

DIOZO Portable Nail Dryer

Sometimes, your travel schedule just doesn’t allow you time for visiting nail salons while at the same time, your job requires you to look your best and keep your nails as best as you can. This can be a real dilemma.

The Diozo portable nail dryer is a very light and portable pocket dryer suitable for travel, home, and salon use. Its large interior space can accommodate five fingernails or toenails at once. It has an auto-sensor that goes on and off when you put your hands in and out so there is no need to press buttons. This reduces the chance of you accidentally rubbing off your nail polish before it can be dried.

The 3 timer settings easily control the drying time and it comes with silk gloves to protect your hands from overexposure to UV exposure. If you need a comfortable and portable nail polish dryer, BUY Diozo nail polish dryer now on Amazon.

2. Gugusure UV LED Nail Lamp

Fast drying and roomy.

Gugusure UV LED Nail Lamp

Nail Polish gels have an annoying habit of dripping and ruining the beautiful designs you painted or had painted on your nails. 

You don’t have to worry about this anymore. The Gugushure UV LED fast-drying nail Lamp has got your back.

The Gugushure LED nail lamp operates on 168 watts of power which makes it very fast and of course, shortens the drying time considerably to prevent dripping of thick polish layers, with a 4 timer setting which shows on the large LCD screen. The interior can comfortably accommodate your hand and feet. With considerable room left. Therefore, if you’ve had enough of your nail polish gels dripping off your nails before drying and you’re in the market for an effective and convenient means to solve this. Gugushure LED nail lamp is the one for you.

3. LED Nail Lamp, Professional Nail Dryer 54W

Power bank rechargeable. 

LED Nail Lamp, Professional Nail Dryer 54W.

Getting a socket space to plug in your nail lamp dryer can be a pain sometimes. If you’re in a car or just somewhere without electricity.

This UV LED nail lamp has got you covered. It is equipped with a USB port through which you can connect the nail polish dryer to a power bank and dry-away. This gives it a more ubiquitous usage. You can literally be on a deserted island and still have perfect nails. 

4. Rayocon 150W UV LED Nail Lamp

With optimized temperature control 

150W UV LED Nail Lamp.

This UV LED lamp is equipped with auto sensors, 4 timer settings, and UV plus LED lights scattered across the lamp to ensure uniform nail drying and a function through which you can select the specific temperature at which you want your nails to dry and it dries all your nails equally, at the same time. The temperature optimization option caters to different nail polish gels which might not suitable for drying at high temperatures or some which can only be optimally dried at a particular temperature.


Safe and Effective 


Looking good does not have to come at a costly price. Exposing your hands to some nail polish dryers’ UV and LED lights is potentially very harmful to your health. And, could make your skin darker over time or ultimately, can lead to the development of skin cancer over time. With SUNUV UV LED nail lamp, you are literally putting your hands in safe hands.

This UV LED Nail lamp is suitable for all brands of nail gels and has 3 timer settings for 5s, the 30s, and 60s depending on what you prefer. The white light source keeps your hands safe and protects your skin from getting darker. The UV light dries all your nails equally and can comfortably accommodate your hands regardless of your hand’s size (tiny, medium, large).

Make a wise choice today.

Do You Really Need a Nail Dryer?

Before we move to other important information, you must be wondering, “Do I really need a nail dryer?” A simple answer to that question would be a yes. But we can explain further so you have proper clarification as to why you need one. 

If you have not done any fancy nail art before, you might not know how long it can take to dry it. The process can be tiring if you ask us. A nail dryer can dry your nails in five minutes. On the other hand, if you leave it to the air, your nail will take almost 30 minutes to dry completely. Multiply that time with two if you are going with two coats. 

Of course, painting your nails is not the only thing you have to do before going at an event. Just think about the other things you can do in the other 30 minutes. Yes, you can finish your writing craft or iron your clothes and the list goes on.

Don’t forget that you have to have some time as a cushion to tackle nail accidents as well. What if you accidentally smear the nail art? Do you have enough time to fix it and leave happily for the party? Why leave room for such mishaps in the first place?  

Considerable Factors for Choosing the Best Nail Polish Dryer

Yes, we understand your confusion. You want to know how you can go shopping and pick the best one every time. The guide will cover all the important factors – helping you choose the right nail polish dryer without any hassle. 


The budget is the foremost factor to keep in mind. It has everything to do with your decision. Define your budget, shortlist the best nail polish dryers, and check the one with suitable features and buy it. 

Current Brands You Are Using – Comparison

If you are running a salon, the possibility is that you are currently using a nail polish dryer from some notable brand. So, while you are looking for a new dryer, you must consider the benefits you get from the one you already have. A simple comparison can help you make the right choice. 


What are you buying the nail dryer for? Of course, the main purpose of the device is not really to dry your nails, but to dry them fast. And that’s what you have to look for when you buy one. Make sure that you see the drying time or check it practically if you are buying from a store.

Lifespan of the bulb

When you buy new technology, you do it for convenience, ease, and peace of mind. But you can’t really expect any of those when you have to keep changing the bulb of your dryer over and over. As a result, that’s an important factor to consider. 

Type of the Lamp

That’s probably the factor that people discuss the most. There is a lot of science that you will have to understand to know how they work. The gist is, if you want fast drying, an LED might be more suitable.

In most cases, the life of an LED lamp is longer than that of a UV lamp. LED is also more expensive, but to tell you the truth, it might not work on certain nail polishes. So keep that in mind too.


1-year warranty for these dryers is a must. Always check the warranty before you buy a dryer. Assuming that you are buying the nail polish dryer from Amazon, you will find all these details in their product descriptions. Read the descriptions carefully or ask questions from the store representative. Even if you think that you will not be facing any of the issues of dysfunctionality with your product, warranty is still an important factor. 

Features in detail

Never miss any detail about the features of the lamp for the nail color dryer. If you are buying it for yourself, you may ignore many features. But as a professional, you need to offer efficient services to your clients. So, think about your prospect before you finalize the nail polish dryer for yourself. Compare the features with other similar products and then choose the most suitable option for yourself. 

Bottom Line 

Finally, choosing the right nail dryer or any similar product for your beauty and skincare can be daunting, especially when you are doing for the first time. However, if you keep the above factors in mind, you will not have a hard time bringing home a durable product. 

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