The 5 Best Beginner Acrylic Nail Kits of 2022

The Best Beginner Acrylic Nail Kits of 2021

We all love how beautifully manicured nails can transform your look instantly and boost your confidence. More so when it’s a DIY. 

With the new era of staying at home and social distancing, you may not go to saloons frequently. A tight work schedule also makes it hard to get time to go to a technician for your acrylic nails. Worse, you need to head back there every two weeks. 

Besides, It cost quite some money to have your nails done by a professional.

Whether you want to do your manicure because you can’t go to the salon or you want to take on a new challenge, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn all about acrylic nails and the best beginner kit for acrylic nails.

 But, first things first. 

So, what are acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are nail extensions made using some acrylic powder and acrylic liquid. Following a series of procedures, you mix the liquid and powder, then applying to your nails. You’ll see a solid layer form on top of your nails.

The 5 Best Acrylic Nail Kits:

1. Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit for Beginners

Best overall beginner acrylic nail kit

Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit for beginner

If you’re unsure what you need in a beginner kit or the steps to follow in the acrylics-nail application, this kit has it all. It contains acrylic powder in different beautiful colors, glitter powder, and sequins for nail art decoration.

The powder is also available in pink, clear, and white for french manicures and nude nails.  The liquid monomer and primer will help you create beautiful acrylic nails. 

The false nails and nail glue will come in handy when adding tips or nail decorations. It has five acrylic brushes and one cleaning brush which is a huge win because, as a beginner, you’re likely to destroy the brushes. 

2. CURKEY 119 in 1 Acrylic Nail Kit Beginner

Best beginner acrylic kit with fake fingers for practice

CURKEY 119 in 1 Acrylic Nail Kit Beginner

This starter kit has enough supplies and tools for a great start. The acrylic powder and liquid are of top quality to create beautiful, long-lasting nail extensions. 

The base and topcoat help protect your nails from coming into contact with chemicals. They also create a smooth surface to practice your nail application or decoration skills.

You’ll be split for choice by vibrant colors, glitter powder, sequins, and rhinestones. For those times when you’ll feel like applying neutral colors, you have a selection of pink, white and clear.

It has three fake fingers, false nails, and UV gel to enable you to do lots of practice.

3. Holybo Professional Acrylic Nail Kit for Starters

Best beginner acrylic nail kit with vibrant colors

Holybo  Professional Acrylic Nail Kit for Starters

This acrylic kit features 42 pieces in one pack for an awesome acrylic journey. It’s a beginner set but made to professional standards. 

It has acrylic powders and a big bottle of acrylic liquid that will last you a long time. The kit offers a wide selection of colors, glitter, and sequins. 

The acrylic liquid is a whole nail system because it’s a monomer for mixing with the acrylic powder, but you can use it to remove nail polish, clean brushes, or be thinner. 

It’s a non-yellowing formula to give you vibrant colors. The kit comes with a user manual to make your task easy, plus so many other tools.

4. Eleanore’s Diary Acrylic Nails Set for Beginners

Best affordable starter kit for acrylic nails

Eleanore's Diary Acrylic Nails Set for Beginners

Eleanore’s Diary Acrylic set is a perfect way to kickstart your acrylic nail experience. The acrylics are easy to use, and no UV lamp is required for use with this kit. 

It has a 60ml bottle of acrylic liquid and acrylic powders in three different colors, from white to pink to clear.  The liquid is MMA-free to ensure you don’t expose yourself to harmful chemicals.

The colors are high quality with a high concentration of pigments. You don’t have to worry about discoloration because the powder and liquid are formulated with a non-yellowing design. 

The liquid ensures bonding with your nail surface even when you run out of primer. 

5. Acrylic Nail Kit Set Professional and Beginners

Best acrylic nails kit for home

Acrylic Nail Kit Set Professional and Beginners

This non-yellowing acrylic formula delivers clear, rich colors that your nails will look stunning. The acrylic nails last a minimum of three weeks without cracks. 

The kit has acrylic powder in clear, white, and pink colors. You can stir up your creativity with the other acrylic colors, glitters, and colorful rhinestones. 

It has an EMA acrylic liquid infused with UV stabilizers to prevent the yellowing of the nails. Plus, it comes with three false fingers for practice.

With bubble-free polymers and strong adhesion, the acrylic bonds perfectly for natural-like nails. However, if you’re slow, you’ll find it challenging because it dries fast. 

What to Look for When Buying an Acrylic Nail Kit for Beginners

How to select the best acrylic nail kit as a beginner:


Acrylic is not easy to apply; it takes practice and experience to gain skills and ultimately attains expertise. It can be quite an expensive task or hobby.  So since you’re a beginner, it’s best to check on the cost of the acrylic nail kit so that you save on money. Once you advance your skills, you can upgrade to high-end professional kits. 

Most beginner acrylic nail kits range between $11 and $50 but some cost as much as $250. 

The size of products and the quality of colors affect the price of acrylic kits for beginners.


Being a beginner means there will be plenty of trials and errors made. A nail or two might fall off as soon as you think you’re done. If you run out of colors or the liquids to apply another one, you might be in trouble. It’s best to ensure your beginner kit has enough essentials: acrylic powder, acrylic liquids, and colors. 

Essential Products

It’s best to ensure that a beginner acrylic nail kit has essential items like acrylic powder, liquid, and primer. Without them or if one is missing, you’ll have to buy separately, which is expensive. It’s good to check that brushes are good quality and nail files are available in different grits. Find out if the kit has other items to make your manicure process simple and easy. 

What the kit should have

Now that you know what to consider when buying a beginner acrylic nail kit, it’s important to understand the items contained in the kit and what they are.

Acrylic powder

Acrylic nails are different from other types of artificial nails or gels in that you need powdered acrylic to create the acrylic nails. It’s mixed with an acrylic liquid to form a transparent layer on top of your nail. The powder has different shades of color, from whites to soft pinks, to create a nail that looks like your natural nails.

Acrylic liquids

An acrylic liquid reacts with the acrylic powder to form an acrylic nail that dries and hardens when exposed to dry air. The hard substance is now the acrylic nail. You can’t replace the liquid with anything else at home, so always ensure your beginner acrylic nail kit has that liquid.

EMA liquid is of the best quality. Also, ensure the liquid is free of MMA, which is harmful to your body.


A primer is a liquid used in the preparation stage to prepare your nails for acrylic nail application. A dehydrating primer makes your acrylic nail stick to your nail surface better by removing moisture on your nails. A bonding primer acts as a glue that bonds the molecules in the acrylic nail with the protein in your natural nail. It is a must-have for acrylic nail application. 

Fake nails and fingers

Fake nails or false nails are plastic nails that you can glue to your nails. You can practice applying acrylics on these artificial nails before using them on your nails. Fake fingers will help you, model, how you can do it on real nails.

Acrylic nails require skills that come with lots of practice. Once you build confidence and like the outcome of your trial on the false nails, you can apply it to your real nails. 

Acrylic Remover

Now that you’ll be learning how to do your manicure with acrylics, you might change the nail colors to try new ones, which means you’ll need nail polish remover. You’ll also need an acrylic remover to remove the acrylic nails. 

Nail forms

A nail form is placed under your nail to help form a shape for the acrylic nail that you’re applying. 

A reusable form is better because it will give you countless opportunities to practice your acrylic nail application skills without spending a fortune.

A set of instructions

Acrylic nail application involves mixing some powder and liquid to form a reaction. It is not like your typical nail polish application. 

To know the ratios of the ingredients and procedure, you need a guideline giving step-by-step instructions on how to do it. 

Other items

Nail files, nail cutter, wipes, cuticle pusher, acrylic nail brush, and nail art decor will help make your work effortless.


What length of acrylic nail is best for a beginner?

A short length is better because it’s easier to file and shape. You’ll also have control over your fingers as you work on other nails. When you gain enough skills, you can move to medium, then finally long nails.

Is it worth it to do your acrylic nails by yourself?

Doing your nails is worth all the effort. Acrylic nails are expensive to apply at a saloon. The cheapest standard set ranges from $35 to $50, while premium natural-looking nails with white or pink color could cost a minimum of $60.

Plus, they are high maintenance too. Acrylic nails need refills every two or three weeks depending on how fast your nail grows. 

Bottom Line

As a beginner, applying acrylic nails is more of a learning and fun activity. Enjoy every bit of the process as you work on your nails and make beautiful memories as you try it out on your family and friends. 

Don’t be afraid or quit when you make mistakes. That’s why beginner kits are fairly priced so that you can experiment. 

The above acrylic kits have all you need to get started with acrylics: powders to liquids to primer to brushes and nail files. You can choose the neutral-colored kits or the vibrant shimmery colors. Why not try one of them?

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