The 5 Best Bronzers for Medium Skin Tone of 2022

The Best Bronzers for Medium Skin Tone

A golden glow or at least a shining look is what every woman wants. It doesn’t matter if your skin tone is light, dark, or medium, you will crave glowing skin while applying makeup. The checklist will include the best lipstick, foundation, eye makeup, etc., but the final touch before applying the blush is bronzer. So, do not forget to add it to your list before you go shopping again.

The 5 Best Bronzers for Medium Skin Tone:

Ideally, the pop of peach is enough for your skin tone. Yet, there is a lot to figure out before you choose the right one. Following is a list of a few top bronzers with high ratings and reviews. Check them out.

1. Benecos Natural Bronzer and Highlighter

Best multi-use bronzer for medium skin tone

Benecos Natural Bronzer and Highlighter

This three-color combo bronzer might be your next favorite. It contains a blush, bronzer, and highlighter. You don’t need to buy many make-up products.

It’s highly pigmented, and you can try a blend of different colors to make a lovely shade on your medium skin tone for a radiant look.

Extracted from natural ingredients, the bronzer has a smooth satin texture and a matte finish. It leaves a pink hue on your skin for a fresh, beautiful look. The rose champagne shade can help you create highlights though it has a slight shimmer.

2. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Best natural bronzer for medium skin tone

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Physicians Formula makes natural make-up products to care for your skin and health. This bronzer is no exception. It’s extracted from organic murumuru butter to help moisturize, heal and protect your skin from damage by UV rays.

Both the bronzer shade and the sun-kissed shade blend well with your medium skin tone. You can choose between the two depending on your undertones.

Vegan-based and free from chemicals, this bronzer has a shimmery finish that will leave you illuminated and exceptionally radiant. It applies smoothly and is easy to blend, giving you all-day coverage. The lovely coconut scent is not irritating.

3. L’Oreal Paris Bronzer

Best bronzer without an orange hue

L'Oreal Paris Bronzer

Available in three beautiful colors, L’Oreal bronzer will turn your medium skin tone into beautiful sun-kissed skin without stepping out in the sun.

The medium shade is perfect for medium skin tone; you can use it on your face and body to create a natural tan and glow. The silky soft powder consistency is buildable and easy to blend. 

If you’re looking for a bronzer that doesn’t leave an orange tint, this might be the best one. It’s neither too dark nor bright, creating a lovely subtle hue to complement your medium skin tone.

The bronzer has a sparkle that leaves your face with a golden glow and warmth.

4. Rimmel Natural Bronzer

Best affordable bronzer for medium skin tone

Rimmel Natural Bronzer

At an unbelievable price of $2.39, this bronzer by Rimel delivers more than you pay for. Besides giving you a sun-kissed glow, the bronzer is waterproof.

It applies evenly and looks natural on your face. The powdery form makes it easy to use and blend without leaving stripes.

The bronzer is lightweight and lasts long; you can wear it all day. It has a matte finish and a soft velvet texture.

This sun bronze shade has a warm undertone that is not orange. It warms your medium skin tone giving you a nice glowing bronze look.

5. Bellapierre Bronzer

Best Skin Protecting Bronzer for Medium Skin Tone

Bellapierre Bronzer

Bellapierre bronzer is natural and free from harsh chemicals like talc and paraben. It’s a loose powder bronzer that melts into your medium skin tone and doesn’t leave chalky traces or streaks. 

It blends nicely for seamless glowing skin and doesn’t crack up. The bronzer is available in four shades of brown, from light to warm brown, giving you warmth and a pretty complexion.

This richly pigmented bronzer has a shimmer with a pink or gold hue giving you a glowing fresh look. Because of the shimmer, you can use it in select places to accentuate and create highlights like on the jawline, forehead, and under the cheekbone. With a silky texture, the bronzer applies easily and blends smoothly.

Medium Skin Tone Bronzer Buying Guide

Since you have skin tone is medium, you have many amazing choices for the bronzer. Yet, it is important to consider some essential factors before buying one. The best choice in bronzer can be a game-changer. Worried about choosing the right shade? It is not as daunting as you think. Here is a guide for you with the list of top choices in bronzers to buy for your medium skin tone.

Use Undertone Guides

This is quite essential. If you are not matching your bronzer with the skin tone, you will not get the right look at the end. So, check out the online available guides about the tone. Or you can also find these guides with the brands.

So, when you are checking out the manufacturer’s profile, check the undertone guide too. The ways to figure out your tone and best-recommended bronzers for it are also available.  The common types of tones are cool, medium, and neutral. Now, it is for you to figure out your tone because doing so will matter while buying any makeup products. Since we are talking about medium tone, copper and earthy shades are more suitable for you.

See How Your Skin Reacts to Sun

This is another important factor for buying a bronzer. If you like outdoor gatherings or prefer beach vacations, you have to pay attention to how you tan your body. You want your makeup to be fresh and give a perfect tan look for pictures too. Therefore, understand the way your skin reacts to the sun. Some people go naturally tan, some go a light golden and others have no impact of the sun at all.

You can see that models are not naturally tan. Instead, they apply bronzers; anything giving a little unnatural look ruins that makeup. So, to keep your original look intact despite the tan shade, you must know your natural tan shade.

Once you know how your skin reacts to the sun, you can choose the right bronzer for you. The bronzer must mimic the natural tan of your body. Anything extra will just give you a different look than your expectations.

Shimmer or Matte

It depends on the type of event you are attending. Most makeup experts recommend matte for wedding ceremonies and shimmer for other occasions. It is not that easy to choose. Shimmer will give you a more shiny look and it is better if you want one product to do it all for you.

Some women use both a little. They go with matte for everyday bronzing of sculpts and adding skin colors. However, they will still add shimmer to highlight the blush areas. Well, it depends on the choice and makeup look you need. Most importantly, you must know what works best for you. Applying makeup or bronzer in this case because it suits someone else is not a great choice. Deal with it according to your outlook, personality, and style.

Seek Help from Makeup Experts

Do not shy away from taking professional advice. People in the makeup industry are experienced and they try many different products daily. So, there is no reason to be reluctant from asking an expert to help you out with your perfect tan look for an upcoming event. You can find many makeup experts to guide you. Even if you are unable to visit them personally, you can reach them on their social media platforms to help you out with makeup-related queries.

Pro tip: Do not forget to choose your brush. It is one of the essentials to spread the bronzer, giving a perfect finish to your makeup.

The Best Bronzer for Medium Skin Tone

Benefits Hoola Bronzing powder is our favorite. It is one of the top-rated products and gives a radiant look to your skin. It is a multiple-purpose bronzer that you can use as a contour, eye-shadow, and bronzer. Since you are looking for one suitable for a medium skin tone, you’ll love this one because it blends perfectly with your skin tone.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a simple woman and someone looking to start their modeling career, you need to learn a perfect makeup look for your pictures and occasions. If you have everything else from the high-quality brands and you can also manage a glamorous look, you still need a bronzer for a perfect finish. The only concern before buying the bronzer should be about your skin tone and the suitability of the shade on your face.

Once done, you must learn gentle ways to apply it and the areas that you slim using bronzer. You must not go for the biggest brand and its products by default. Expensive does not mean the best. Know about your allergies and the kind of makeup products that irritate you. Check it in a bronzer and buy accordingly.

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