The 5 Best Cream Bronzers of 2022

The Best Cream Bronzers

Bronzers have come a long way and are now a must-have makeup item for the whole makeup look or for just creating a point of focus on the face. They are also available in different forms, from powder to cream to liquid bronzers. 

Cream bronzers top the list of bronzers because they achieve a warm glow like you’ve been sunkissed. They also create a natural skin-like look.

Unlike powder bronzers, a cream bronzer melts into your skin and creates a warm beach glow in seconds. Whereas powder bronzers are great at absorbing oil, they crease and look cakey after a few hours.

Liquid bronzers are lightweight but don’t give heavy coverage as a cream bronzer does. So a cream bronzer is best for creating contours.

They are easy to blend and last all day long. Cream bronzers are versatile, too; they have different finishes. 

Whether you want a shimmer or matte finish, you can effortlessly achieve it with a cream bronzer. They also come in various forms, from sticks that you can swipe to compacts that you brush over as you blend.

Here are the best cream bronzers for your skin:

The 5 Best cream Bronzers:

1. Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer Cream

Best cream bronzer for sensitive skin

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer Cream

This vegan cream bronzer helps you achieve a warm glowing effect while nourishing your skin. It contains butter, pro-vitamins, and essential fatty acids that nourish and moisturize your skin. 

It also softens and repairs dry patches while protecting your skin from damage by makeup residues.

The bronzer is easy to apply, and it blends perfectly with your skin and makeup. You can use a brush or your fingers to blend in the bronzer. It lasts all-day 

Free from irritants like gluten, paraben, and mineral oil, the bronzer is ideal for all skin types and is safe for sensitive skin.

2. Rimmel Jelly Bronzer

Best bronzer cream for medium skin

Rimmel Jelly Bronzer

When it comes to a dewy look, Rimmel Jelly Bronzer does it perfectly. It gives you a sun-kissed glow while Moisturizing your skin.

Based on the Jelly formula, the bronzer feels light on your skin and doesn’t get greasy after some hours. You can choose between a matte and shimmer finish. 

For depth and defined features, you can use the bronzer on specific areas of your face. It’s available in different colors for a light glow or dark tan.

The bronzer is buildable; you can add layers till you get your desired shade. You can use a brush or blend it with your fingers. It’s suitable for all skin tones.

3. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Sculpting Cream Bronzer

Best cream bronzer stick

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Sculpting Cream Bronzer

This multipurpose bronzer is excellent for combination skin. You can apply it to your face for a warm glow or create unique sculptures. 

It’s easy to apply because of its cream-to-powder texture, and it blends effortlessly using your fingers. The bronzer is buildable, so you can create highlights and effects by adding layers or shading. 

Rich in hydrating ingredients like a cactus flower, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and Senna seed, the bronzer adds moisture to your skin, making it soft and healthy. The bronzer also contains antioxidants which are great for restoring your skin.

4. RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer

Best organic cream bronzer

RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer

A makeup product that brings out your natural beauty and doesn’t irritate the skin is a gem. This bronzer adds warmth to your skin and acts as a  highlighter for darker skin tones. 

With a shortlist of ingredients, all of which are natural, it’s gentle on your skin. Your skin will love the vitamins and Beta-carotene.

The bronzer is non-GMO, non-nano, and free from soy, paraben, sulfate, talc, phthalates, silicone, petrolatum, and gluten-free. 

The cream bronzer has a sheer coverage to highlight your defined features, and it’s easy to apply. It works on all skin types. Plus, you can use it for your eyes for a glowing look.

5. e.l.f Primer-infused Bronzer

Best cream bronzer contouring

e.l.f Primer-infused Bronzer

If you’re looking for a cream bronzer that looks natural, as if you’re from the beach, you can try this bronzer. It doesn’t look artificial; rather, it blends nicely with your skin bringing out a natural warm glow. 

This vegan bronzer doubles up as a primer giving you a flawless, smooth look. It has a matte finish that stays all day long, so you don’t have to worry about it looking greasy on your face. 

The bronzer applies smoothly, and it lasts through the day. The color is nice and doesn’t look orange, pinkish, or greyish.

It’s free from chemical additives that can harm or irritate your skin.

What to look for in a Cream Bronzer?

Finish Type

Cream bronzers range from matte to subtle shimmery finish. Avoid glitters if you want a warm natural glow because they look flashy and too artificial. You can also create a fresh, dewy look with a cream bronzer.

Form of Cream bronzer

Cream bronzers feature different forms for ease of use: sticks, pots, and compact forms. A stick bronzer gives you more control because it only applies where you want it to go. 

It’s best for a beginner. A pot might require you to use your fingers to pat it on the face then blend with a brush or fingers. 

The compact form allows application with a brush, although it needs an experienced person to achieve precision.

Water & Sweat Resistant

For a long-lasting bronzer, you can look for a creamy bronzer that’s resistant to sweat and water. 

Nourishing Ingredients

A bronzer that’s infused with vitamins will help nourish your skin and rock that glowing look. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients will go a long way in making your skin healthier.  Sensitive skin will feel relaxed with soothing ingredients. 

Lasting Power

Some bronzers last for a few hours. But you can look for a bronzer that lasts long; that way, you won’t need to keep on touching up. 

The awesome news is that most cream bronzers last long without turning cakey or greasy like powder bronzers

Buildability, Blendable 

A cream bronzer that’s easy to apply and blend will help you achieve that perfect bronze look. You can add layers and build upon the color, but if it’s fast-drying, you might find it hard to blend it.

Shade of Bronzer

The right bronzer will help you achieve as natural a look as possible. Unfortunately, choosing the best shade of cream bronzer is not easy because most bronzers are either too orange, reddish, or glitter too much.

Try to mimic how your exposed skin tans when you’re out in the sun in your selection. Look for a bronzer that has deeper tones like your natural tan. 

A rule that you can stick to is to buy a bronzer two shades darker in color than your skin tone. That way, it will be absorbed and will blend with your skin. If you want to create effects and sharp contrast, go darker than that.

Generally, fair skin tones blend well with neutral bronzer shades – light to medium browns and medium yellow or pinkish shades.

Deep skin tones work best with golden shades of bronzers though you can play with red and brown. If your skin is olive, you can lean on terracotta with red undertones. 

When in doubt or don’t want to be bold and dramatic, you can go neutral. The neutral shade is versatile; it can complement any skin tone.

Golden brown bronzer shades compliment warm undertones, while cool undertones look flirting with peach or taupe colors.

You can use the dark browns to contour and sculpt, while light browns will come in handy for shading.

Your Skin Type

A bronzer is a makeup product, and like other makeup products, it’s best to match your skin type. After all the glamour, your skin still needs care. 

You can cut yourself some struggle by buying a bronzer to meet your skin needs besides the glow.  For dry, sensitive, or combination skin, you need a bronzer that will moisturize your skin; else, you might have to deal with a dry patch once you remove the makeup. 

A fresh, dewy feel is perfect for dry skin. An oil-free cream bronzer will help you control the shine on an oily face. 


Is a cream bronzer good? 

Cream bronzers are good. If your skin looks dull or your makeup lacks a glow, a cream bronzer can help you light up your face by adding a nice sheen to it. 

A bronzer warms your skin and transforms your complexion by giving you a sunkissed glow. At the same time, it adds depth and definition to your overall look. 

It defines your bone structure on the jawline and cheekbone. You can slim your jawline if you feel it’s too broad and create heavy contours for a sculpted look.

As a bonus, the cream bronzer provides your skin with moisture for healthy skin.

How do you apply a cream bronzer?

Your makeup application skills can make your bronzer a success or not. It’s not just about finding the perfect bronzer; you need to learn how to make it work for you by bringing out your natural beauty.

A bronzer is not a blush, so applying a bronzer on your checks only is the surest way to look “fake.” You want your bronzer to make you look like you spent the past few days in the sun.

Seasoned makeup artists will tell you that less is more. You don’t want to look cakey or muddy because it will beat the whole purpose of the bronzer.

When you start with less, you can quickly build up to the look that you want. You have more control that way. 

Apply a tiny amount on your bridge-of-nose, temples, down the sides of your hairline, jawline, and top of your cheekbone.

You can then use a pad or brush to blend it gently on your cheeks, towards the nose, chin, forehead, and neck. Afterward, you can buff out the bronzer in areas that you might have applied a lot.

Bottom Line

A bronzer aims to create a natural sunkissed look and accentuate your beautiful features. The above bronzers that we’ve suggested will help you achieve that and more because they are the best cream bronzers.

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