The 10 Best Vanity Organizers 2020

Best Vanity Organizer

Looking for the best vanity organizer? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 list of the best vanity organizers currently for sale online:

The makeup products that a woman owns are, without an iota of doubt, one of her most prized possessions. She gathers these items from varied places. While traveling to different places, she is always in a surge of makeup items that would work well on her face and set her apart in the crowd.

No matter it’s a small shop in the suburbs or a huge shopping mall, she makes sure to buy new makeup products in order to add in her makeup collection. Undoubtedly, the obsession with collecting new and latest makeup products never dies for a woman.

However, at the same time, keeping all the makeup items well organized is a huge task. If not organized well, these items are bound to lose their value with time. To keep the entire collection of makeup items intact in the original condition, it is necessary to make use of a vanity organizer.

What Is a Vanity Organizer?

Vanity organizer is basically a tool that helps women in sorting all the makeup products that they have in the most organized manner possible. It provides the user with a lot of compartments, which can be used to place different items at a different location.

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In this manner, it gets easier for the user to know which item is placed at which part of the organizer. Thus, it reduces the amount of time one usually takes in getting ready. The Best vanity organizer is surely the one that keeps all the items well organized.

Types of Vanity Organizers

The vanity organizers come in a variety of shapes, forms, and designs. Also, one can have these vanity organizers specifically to be used at a certain place or a certain situation. For example, women who love to dress up in the bathroom and that is a special place for them to get ready can have a vanity there.

The manufacturers make these organizers in a way that no amount of water spillage on them would harm their surface. Thus, a Bathroom vanity organizer comes in handy in such a situation.

Apart from that, women who travel a lot definitely need smaller organizers. They need to make sure that they can place these organizers in the bags and use them whenever needed.

Special organizers that are properly compartmentalized are made for travel bags and women love to use them while commuting from one place to the other.

Why buy a vanity organizer?

There are a number of reasons why a makeup lover should buy a vanity organizer ASAP. Some of them are:

Make good use of the limited space

Handbags that women carry from one place to the other, most of the time, contain limited space. A makeup junkie obviously has to stack her bag with unlimited makeup products. In such a situation, the makeup organizer would come in handy.

It would use the limited space of the bag in the most efficient manner possible, and ensure that everything is kept in place. A makeup vanity organizer thus becomes a special item for every one woman who loves to travel.


Rather than having to carry huge boxes filled with makeup items, one can easily take the makeup organizers or vanities with him, wherever he wants to take it. In this manner, it gets easier for the person to keep the baggage lighter, and not have to give extra bucks at the airport for extra weight.

Protects the makeup

The makeup items that women use are surely quite deal with them. The foundation bottles and concealer boxes are quite delicate. At times, while a person is traveling, these items tend to break, which wastes all the money one had spent on them. This surely breaks many hearts. However, with the use of these makeup organizers, one can keep his makeup items intact and long-lasting.

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Instant availability of a mirror

Almost all the makeup vanity bags come with mirrors. This means that no matter where are you at a particular period of time, you can always have access to the mirror at all times.

Even while traveling while a person would love to see his face in the mirror once in a while, having the vanity handy solves this problem. The user can use the mirror to correct the makeup while traveling to longer distances and make good usage of the mirror attached with the vanity.

Enhances the beauty of the room

If you are someone who loves aesthetically pleasant items, a huge vanity that has a lot of lights fit across it is something that would attract you the most.

A lot of brands are now selling such exquisite vanities to the people that they love to have, mainly for decoration purposes. If your room is a bit bland, you can always get your hands on a pretty vanity, and it would instantly make your room light up like anything.

Popular Vanity Organizer FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions about vanity organizers are:

What is the best vanity organizer?

There are a number of vanity organizers available in the market according to the taste and flavor of the buyer. However, if you are a travel lover and adore to commute to longer places, you should get your hands on the Samtour Travel Makeup Case.

This makeup case is what you would pay a lot for, but it would surely be worth every penny paid. It doesn’t only keep your items well organized but, at the same time, keep them safe.

Apart from this, the Eloki Makeup Organizer is also quite a sought after makeup vanity organizer amongst the people.

How do you clean a vanity organizer?

Cleaning a vanity organizer is quite easy. The first thing for that would be to empty it out and take away all the items from inside. Next, if your vanity is not glittery, take a damp cloth and clean all the sides of the vanity. Once done, clean the product with a  clean cloth and you are good to go.

Where to buy a vanity organizer?

A vanity organizer can be bought either from the market or from an online shop. 

This article was last updated on November 18, 2020 .