The 5 Best Black Eyeshadows

Best Black Eyeshadow

Eyes are the window of the soul and surely one of the best features of a human’s face. Different people have different shapes of eyes; where some have small ones, others are blessed with big ones.

Nonetheless, there are different ways of extenuating eyes even if they are small. One of those things is eyeliners while others are eye shadows. However, there are different techniques that women need to be aware of before.

Actually before opting for the process and using them on the eyes. Along with that, using the right color is necessary. Only in this way you can make sure whatever one applied on the face, looks good.

Figuring out the shape of the eye and the color that would look good on the skin tone. As it is surely the most important thing to go for. Shading techniques are easy to learn, however, the constant practice is needed in order to stay good at it. For that matter, one can practice on his own eyes or on someone else’s.

The 5 Best Black Eyeshadows:

1. ISMINE Single Eyeshadow Powder

Best Waterproof EyeShadow

ISMINE Single Eyeshadow Powder

IS’MINE EyeShadow powder offers you professional quality at an affordable price. Decorate your eyes for a party or everyday look with this eyeshadow. 

It’s available in a range of 13 vibrant colors, from black to coffee to a yellow that blends well with most skin tones. The colors are so rich, so you need a little at a time.

This natural eyeshadow is waterproof, making it ideal for outdoors and swimming. Plus, it’s easy to wear, and it stays put for a long day.  

Once you apply it to your face, it will hold all day long. The eyeshadow has a matte finish with some shimmer, so it might not be the best if you’re looking for an entirely matte eyeshadow.

2. L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow

Best lightweight EyeShadow

L'Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow

L’Oreal Paris Color Rich Monos is a powder-based eye shadow with a velvet texture. The finish has a shimmery to matte look with a wide selection of 20 hair pigment colors. 

The eyeshadow is lightweight, which makes it comfortable to wear. It lasts all day, and the colors stay vibrant like they did when you applied.

You can easily apply the eyeshadow with a brush or your fingers. The eyeshadow boasts of a gel to powder technology that gives it a smooth finish.

The manufacturer produces high-quality beauty products and actually won an award in 2017the Allure Best of Beauty Award for its eyeshadow.

3. Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow

Best Eye Shadow to Use with Contact Lenses

Maybelline New York Expert Wear Eyeshadow

Maybelline has been producing quality beauty products for years, so you can trust them to deliver excellent eye shadow. Their eyeshadows are available in a range of twenty shades, from night-black to gold to greens to plum, nude silver, and many other beautiful shades that might sweep you off your feet.

It has a creamy texture that makes it easy to blend with other beauty products that you wear. The eyeshadow does not flake or fade at all. It lasts for almost fourteen hours which is pretty long.

The eyeshadow is safe for use even with contact lenses because it’s opthalmologist tested.

4. L.A. COLORS 5 Color Matte Eyeshadow

Best for Mature Skin and Eyes

L.A. COLORS 5 Color Matte Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow has a light, medium, and dark shades, which is excellent for making highlights and hiding creases. The black lace palette has black and grey shades, which is perfect for an irresistible smoky look. 

The brand has other cool and warm shades like neutrals and bolds for different looks. Each palette has five shades that are easy to blend. 

It has a silky texture and a matte finish.

The eye shadow is 91% free of allergens, fragrances, gluten, and harmful preservatives, making it gentle for sensitive skin. However, it is not water-resistant; it washes off quickly.

5. Urban Decay Compact Eyeshadow

Best for Different Finishes

Urban Decay Compact Eyeshadow

With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon, Urban Decay Eyeshadow is undoubtedly the darling of many adults. It’s cruelty-free and has a pigment infusion system that makes colors hold for long hours without fading.

The eyeshadow is available as a single color, so you won’t get stuck with shades that you might never use. It’s also velvet-smooth making it easy to blend, and it rarely falls out. 

The varied finishes from matte, shimmer, satin, duotone, and sparkle make it versatile for different looks and ideal for adults of all ages.

Black Eyeshadow Looks

A black eye shadow looks good on almost all eyes. No matter your eyes are monolid, hooded, almond or double lids, they will look good when a black eye shadow is applied to it.

Even if you have downturned eyes, using the right kind of technique will make them look good and better than before. The back eye shadows come in different shades. One can choose the intensity of the hue according to her own preference. Thus, if you have huge eyes, you can opt for a very dark color. On the other hand, people with smaller eyes can go in light tones.

You can find the black eyeshadow looks on the internet quite easily. Most of the celebrities opt for smoky eye makeup while going on parties and award shows. However, it obviously is difficult to apply it as it obviously is a tough thing to do.

In such a situation, a quick tutorial video from YouTube, like the one above, would suffice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more glamorous look, opt for both black and silver eyeshadows, so that it looks better.

Nonetheless, a golden and black eyeshadow will make you look good if you are going for an event in the day.

Applying Black Eyeshadow

A black eye shadow is good for a casual as well as a formal evening. If you are opting for a casual meeting, you need to go slow on it. For that matter, all you need to do is to apply a single coating. On the other hand, while preparing for a glamorous night, you can put more than two coats, and you will be able to rock the party.

However, one thing to keep in mind in this regard is to understand the technique of playing with the shades. One needs to know what is the name of each part of the eye. From brow bone to the crease and from the lid to the waterline, you need to know the names of each and every part, so that you can apply the right shade at the right place.

Along with a good quality eye shadow, one needs to be aware of the good quality eye shadow brushes as well. There are a plethora of options available in the market, and people usually get confused as to which one to go for and which one to avoid.

One thing that they seem to forget is that each eye shadow brush is used for a different purpose. Thus, if you are using a brush to high light the crease, you will need a different brush from the one that would be needed to color the waterline.

Which Eyeshadow To Buy

Buying an eye shadow is sure of an uphill task. This is owing to the fact that a lot of options are available on the internet, and one simply is not able to choose one and ignore the other, as all of them look equally good.

Along with this, every week, a new palette launches in the market. This further complicates the process of making the right decision.

For Beginners

Nonetheless, for smoky eye makeup, there are different kinds of options available, from which one can opt for the right one. If you are a newbie, you can go for the one that offers stepwise shades.

For instance, it would have a primer as the first option, an enhancer as the second one, a smoke as the third one and a glower for the last one. Thus, even if you do not know anything about smoky makeup, you would be able to bring great changes to your outlook, simply by going step by step according to the palette’s shades.

For Experts

However, if you are thinking that it would limit your options. You need to know that you do not have to necessarily stick to the options available. You can use the primer from one palette, the highlighter from the other. Whereas the hue from a completely independent one. Thus, the choice belongs to you, and you can bring great changes to your outlook.

The texture of the eye shadow that you choose also affects the final outcome of your efforts to a great deal. This means that if you choose a pigmented matt colors eye shadow, you will see a different result of the efforts put into the process.

On the other hand, if you choose a glossy shade, you will have to make sure to apply enough primer before applying the shade. So that it stays intact for a longer period of time. Along with that, if you are preparing for a long term application, ensure to applying both of them so that they will last longer.

Popular Black Eyeshadow FAQs:

What Is The Best Black Eyeshadow?

We consider Black Lace by LA Colors to be the best black eye shadow currently on the market.

How to wear black eyeshadow?

Wearing the black eye shadow is pretty simple. However, connecting it with a brow highlighter would add to its effects, so it should be considered. While applying it, sitting in front of the ring mirror would make it easier for you to get it right.

How to get black eyeshadow out of carpet:

Getting an eye shadow out of carpet gets easier when you apply baking soda to it. Thus, placing it in the vanity would do good.

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