What Does Taking a Bath With Apple Cider Vinegar Do?

Taking a bath with apple cider vinegar can offer many health benefits that you might be missing out on. If you have dry skin or are dealing with a yeast infection or eczema, you might have tried every cream and treatment on the market. Many of these protocols only offer temporary relief, and some of them can cause added skin issues that you were not experiencing before treatment.

Apple cider vinegar can make your skin soft, smooth, and healthy, and it can help to treat conditions that might be bacterial in nature or that could be caused by yeast infections. Studies have shown that conditions like atopic dermatitis can also be treated with apple cider vinegar, and some people have seen improvements in skin sensitivity and allergies when taking regular apple cider vinegar baths.

You can also get some benefits for soothing skin that has been burned, such as in the case that you have received a bad sunburn. Apple cider vinegar is actually a component in many skin care products that are meant to treat both skin infections and injuries, so you can be sure that your skin will be safe and feel better after this treatment. This is often a much more ideal way to treat irritated skin than to apply creams or other forms of ointment that might cause other kinds of skin irritation.

While you cannot apply apple cider vinegar to your skin without diluting it, you can easily add it to your bath to make sure that your skin can benefit from its healing properties. Apple cider vinegar baths can be used just for the feet or the hands if you are dealing with skin infections and fungal conditions as well. You can choose to add the full two cups of vinegar to your bath, or you might want to just measure out about a half cup for a foot bath or a hand bath treatment instead.

Adding apple cider baths to your routine can make sure that your skin feels and looks great. If you have been struggling with skin issues for years, sometimes apple cider vinegar can make all the difference between healthy skin and skin that does not feel its best. Natural solutions can be much more ideal than any kind of artificial solution that you might have suggested to you, and apple cider vinegar is great for a wide array of skin issues.

This article was last updated on May 29, 2023 .

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