The Best Smelling Body Washes for Women

The Best Smelling Body Washes for Women

Getting the right body wash for your daily routine is important. There is nothing like feeling clean and fresh while also smelling amazing when you get out of the shower. If you want to avoid body wash that is too strong-smelling or that doesn’t get along with your skin’s pH, you might need a little help finding that perfect high-quality body wash. Body wash products come in many different formulas and are made for many different skin health needs.

You will want to be sure that you are getting a body wash that is right for your skin type and that also smells great. These body wash products offer you both benefits and help you to feel your best and smell your best. You don’t have to break the bank finding a quality body wash that takes care of your skin, so you should feel safe getting away from using cheaper products that are not as good for your well-being. These body wash products not only smell great, but they are also made with the best ingredients for skin balance and health.

Buying Guide

Getting the right body wash can be tough if you are not sure what ingredients to look for or what kinds of skin protection you should be picking for your needs. There are many kinds of body wash out there on the market, and it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your needs. Just picking your body wash based on the scent alone is not a good idea. Products that are just made to smell good often include harsh chemicals that can dry out your skin or make your skin’s pH imbalanced.

When you are looking for a body wash, you should always consider the ingredients first and foremost. Look for natural ingredients, and a lack of chemicals that can inflame the skin or cause allergic reactions. Some ingredients to avoid are sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate. These are common ingredients that are added to body wash products, but they can make your skin break out and are commonly associated with skin irritation. Some people even have systemic allergic reactions to these products when exposed to them over the course of many years.

You will also want to avoid any product that includes fragrances that are used to make it smell good. These are often chemicals in nature and are not sourced from natural ingredients. Some people can have allergic reactions to these harsh perfume ingredients, while others can get breakouts and other kinds of skin trouble related to their presence in a body wash. You will also want to look out for dyes and oils like castor oil.

Another good rule of thumb is to be sure that you are not buying a product that has been tested on animals. This is a common problem in the makeup and body wash niche, and most people do not want to support companies that treat animals in this way. Cruelty-free products are also often sustainably sourced as well, which is good for the environment as well as your skin.

The 8 Best Smelling Body Wash for Women:

1. Lume Acidified Body Wash

This body wash smells amazing, and the quality formula makes your skin soft and healthy while also preventing body odor due to its pH-balancing ingredients. This product comes in various scents that are all sourced from natural ingredients, and the low pH formula is made with mandelic acid. This makes sure that your skin feels great and looks its best right out of the shower.

Being able to fight body odor with the included ingredients in this body wash is a key perk of making this choice, and you will love the beyond clean and fresh feeling that it offers your skin. This is also a gynecologist-approved formulation that is safe for use on sensitive skin that might normally become imbalanced or irritated with other body washes. Being able to protect the skin’s acid mantle also helps prevent infections, inflammations, and damage from daily skin challenges.

Lume is a leader in the skincare space, and you will love that this product is cruelty-free, responsibly sourced, and baking soda free. There are few companies so responsible in the skincare space, and you will have an amazing experience with this body wash due to the care that was taken when it was formulated.

2. Hempz Herbal Body Wash

For an ultra-hydrating body wash experience that comes along with a really great scent, there is no better brand than Hempz. This company makes really luxurious products that include Vitamins E and A as well as shea butter and the necessary oils to hydrate your skin without irritating it or damaging it. This formula includes hemp seed oil for a pure and clarifying moisturizing experience that makes your skin feel great and smell great. This is also a formula that offers you pH-balanced protection so that you can fight off body odor and other microorganisms that can cause issues for your skin’s health and well-being.

There are few body wash products that can claim that they are 100% pure and made with natural ingredients, and still fewer companies that can offer you the benefits of antioxidants and amino acids. Your skin will feel fresh, clean, and comfortable after every shower and bath when you choose this brand for your body wash needs. There are no parabens in this product, and it is gluten-free as well. It is also vegan, which is a big help for those working with allergies or preferences about sourcing for their products as well as their foods.

This product is suitable for all kinds of skin types, and the formula works well with various daily needs as well. You will love everything about your skin soothing and moisturizing experience that Hempz products can offer you.

3. Pharmacopia Mint Argan Body Wash

The minty freshness of this product will wake up your skin, make it feel refreshed and healthy, and help balance your skin’s pH. This is a really well-thought-out formula that offers a relaxing sensory experience as well as skincare benefits. This is a shower gel, so you will get a lot of life from a single bottle of this product. The company stands behind its cruelty-free stance, and the body wash is also vegan. There are no parabens in this product, and they also promise that there are no phthalates in the formula either.

This product is so luxurious that it is used in many hotels in Canada, and it is also a spa product in some Canadian locations as well. You can use this body wash as a bubble bath too if you wish, which is a nice added plus. You can also get a full refund from this company if you don’t love everything about your purchase.

This is just one of the many different scents that are offered in this product lineup, and you can pick from a bunch of different spa-quality formulas for different types of skin.

4. The Right to Show Joy Body Wash

If you want to avoid sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, this is the right body wash for your needs. The moisturizing properties of this body wash are excellent, and the 100% vegan formula is really luxurious. The bright scent of tangerine is tempered by the soft sweetness of honeysuckle in this blend which makes for a refreshing daily-use formula that you will never get tired of. You can also use this product as a bubble bath if you want to make your bath that much more relaxing.

 This company stands behind its efforts for sustainable sourcing by using ingredients like organic aloe vera and by making the bottles of their product 100% recyclable as well. You will be helping the environment while soothing your skin when you choose this body wash for your daily needs.

This is a great choice for sensitive skin types, and you will love that you can use this product up to twice a day without risk of skin irritation or blemishes.

5. Luseta Rose Oil Body Wash

This lovely product offers you daily cleansing that is safe for your skin as well as natural benefits that help to treat common skin ailments like ringworm, itchiness, and yeast imbalances. The pleasant rose smell will awaken your senses, and the ingredients will soothe your skin and make it smooth and soft. The rose oil that is the heart of this formula gently cleanses skin and leaves it clean without making it dry.

This is a product that can be used by both men and women, so you will not have to worry about a very strong rose smell. This company stands behind its gluten and paraben-free formulas and its cruelty-free beliefs. The company also stands behind its products, offering a full refund if you are not totally in love with your new body wash. There are few products that can soothe all skin types and make your skin feel so refreshed and healthy while also offering so many cleansing benefits.

For the best natural cleansing experience around, this is the right body wash to pick.

6. Moroccanoil Shower Gel

Moroccan oil has long been known for its benefits to skin and hair, and this body wash brings a bunch of other botanicals along with this well-known oil to your shower or bath. The fresh and softly sweet smell of this body wash will wake up your senses, and the smooth and silky feel of this body wash is perfect for those who don’t want to deal with heavy or creamy body washes.

This is also a responsibly sourced formula and a company that stands behind protecting the environment no matter what product they are making. You will get a vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free product when you buy from this company that works great no matter your skin type. For many people, the Moroccan oil standard is the hallmark of natural and organic self-care experiences, so adding this shower gel to your daily routine is like heading to the spa every day.

7. Jason Natural Body Wash

This is a cruelty-free brand that offers you a shower gel formula that is free of parabens, phthalates, and petrolatum. This is a natural formula that makes your skin soft and helps to balance your pH.  The soft lavender smell is really soothing and comforting, and you will get access to vitamin E as well as pro-vitamin B5. Being able to invest in a skincare product that helps to protect your skin as well as animals and the environment is a great feeling.

The soft and luxurious formula of this product foams gently and feels great and clean when you rinse it off. This is a moisturizing product that is never heavy or sticky, and that does not cause breakouts or rashes. There are various other scents that are offered in this product lineup, so you can find the right natural and organic scent that works for your needs.

The natural oils and ingredients that create the moisturizing aspect of this formula come from healthy oils that will keep your skin healthy and soft on a daily basis. You can use this product more than once a day if needed without any fear for your skin’s comfort.

8. Avalon Organics Bath Shower Gel

There are no parabens in this formula, and this is a cruelty-free product as well. This is a Leaping Bunny registered product, and you will love the organic and botanical formula of this shower gel. The hydrating oils in this product will never feel heavy or sticky and you will love how clean this shower gel washes off. This company makes sure that all of its products are certified organic. This means that you will get one of the safest and most natural experiences you can have when you choose this body wash for your daily use.

The lavender scent is soft and pleasant, and you will love the refreshing feeling that this product gives your skin. You will never have to worry about your skin’s pH being upset, and you will be able to trust that you will not deal with rashes or breakouts when you are using this body wash for your needs.

There are few companies that can stand behind the natural ingredients of their products with such authority. Their many organic ingredients are certified, and they take the time to work within the USDA National Organic Program’s standards. Avalon believes that everyone deserves to pamper their skin with the best organic products that provide a superior skincare experience.


What is the difference between body wash and shower gel?

Body wash and shower gel are subtly different because of their consistency. The body wash will be thinner and easier to foam up, while the show gel will be less runny and will take more effort to make foamy. There is no reason to pick one over the other unless you have a personal preference for the consistency of the product as you use it.

How much body wash should you use?

You should use about enough to fill the center of your palm in most cases. This is often hard to judge when using a loofah or sponge, but just make sure that you are not scrubbing your skin with a dry loofah or other washing item. You might abrade or inflame your skin if you are scrubbing without any body wash to protect it from friction.

How long should you leave body wash on?

While it might always be your goal to wash off body wash right away, you could get distracted shaving or doing something with your hair. Make sure that you do not leave body wash on your skin for more than five minutes to avoid skin irritation. Even natural products are not meant to be left on the skin for longer than a few minutes.

Should you use body wash every day?

You can use body wash every day so long as you do not use products with harsh chemicals in them. Natural and organic products are safe to be used as often as twice a day if you find this to be necessary.

Final Thoughts

Body wash products can make all the difference in your enjoyment of your shower or bathing process. If you want to enjoy a really nice sensory experience when you are bathing, you might want to have access to a body wash that comes with a really nice scent. You can find many different pH-balanced and healthy body wash products that will nurture your skin and allow you to feel comfortable, healthy, and smell great at the same time.

Make sure that you avoid products that include chemicals and perfumes to protect your skin from daily irritation and damage. With this rule of thumb in mind, you will get the most out of your body wash experience, and your skin will be glowing and healthy every day.

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