The Best Natural and Organic Sunscreens

The Best Natural and Organic Sunscreens

Natural sunscreens can be one of the best ways to take care of your skin. Many people want to avoid using products on their skin that are not organic or that are not made with natural substances. If you need to make sure that you are caring for your skin in the healthiest way possible, you will want to check out these quality sunscreens.

Organic sunscreens can be the right way to protect your skin from UV damage while also protecting it from exposure to harmful skincare products. For those with sensitive skin, natural and organic sunscreen products might be the best solution to keep their skin from being red, itchy, or inflamed. There are many reasons that you should consider natural and organic sunscreens your best bet for protecting your skin from the sun’s rays.

If you want to learn some more about the natural and organic sunscreens that you need to have on hand for your skincare needs, you need to keep reading!

What Are the Benefits of Natural and Organic Sunscreens?

Natural and organic products offer many benefits. In the case of sunscreen, which should be worn every day even when the sun is not out, the benefits of these products cannot be overstated. It is a great idea to protect your skin from the rays of the sun, but you do not want to trade this kind of harmful exposure for skin damage that can come from chemicals that are not good for your skin.


Natural and organic sunscreens are excellent for your skin because they are not toxic. Being spared exposure to zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that is in regular sunscreen can offer long-term benefits for your skin’s health. There are also many regular sunscreens that also include oxybenzone which is made from petroleum. Avoiding petroleum products is always a good idea, and even the FDA recommends being careful about these substances. You will keep your skin healthy for many years if you use natural or organic sunscreen every day.

Healthier for the Planet

There are many hundreds of tons of sunscreen that actually end up in the oceans around the world each year. To add to this, thousands of tons of plastic waste end up in landfills and oceans all around the world with no solution for their removal. Many of the chemicals that are in sunscreen have been shown to damage sea life and kill coral as well.

There are reef-safe sunscreens that you can buy but using natural and organic sunscreens can also help protect the environment in the way that reef-safe sunscreens do. Saving the planet whenever possible is always a good idea, and you can do your part by using healthy sunscreens every day.

Better for Sensitive Skin

When you have sensitive skin, you could end up with patchy red spots, eczema, skin swelling, and even acne due to the use of regular products like normal sunscreen. Avoiding skin irritation is important for sensitive skin so that long-term irritation does not cause damage to facial tissues. Sensitive skin can be hard to keep happy, and using the wrong sunscreen every day can make a big impact on issues with skin health.

While you need to protect your skin from the sun, you also need to be sure that your sunscreen isn’t harming your skin just as much as the sun’s rays.

The 8 Best Natural and Organic Sunscreens:

1. Two Peas Organics All-Natural Sunscreen

Two Peas Organics uses plant-derived and very effective organic ingredients that keep your skin safe and comfortable while also protecting the environment. This sunscreen is SPF 50, and it protects against UVA and UVB. This is a sunscreen that is safe enough to use on children but tough enough to hold up to a day being active in the sunshine. Another key benefit to picking this sunscreen for your needs is that it is certified to be coral reef safe.

This formula is fragrance-free and chemical free so you can trust that your sensitive skin will be protected from irritation. This is a mineral/ zinc sunscreen, and the color of the sunscreen helps you to see any spots that you might have missed. Despite being fragrance-free, this product offers a nice scent, and the texture is smooth and buttery against the skin.

All of the oils in this product are healthy natural oils like olive fruit oil and Jojoba oil, and you will love the softness of the product’s texture that comes from the included shea butter. A little bit of this product goes a long way, so the tube will last longer than you think. Make sure that you mix the product inside the tube before applying since the oils can tend to separate from the other ingredients.

2. Raw Elements Certified Natural Sunscreen

For those who want to avoid GMO products as well as animal cruelty, this is the right company to get sunscreen from. This is an EWG top-rated sunscreen that offers 80 minutes of protection, and that will not sting your eyes or wash off when you get wet. This product is safe for all ages and has been certified to be a natural mineral sunscreen. This reef-safe product has not been tested on animals, and it does not include any GMO ingredients.

Raw Elements Sunscreen is SPF 30 and uses Zinc Oxide to keep your skin safe from the sun. The moisturizing blend that is included in this product will keep your skin healthy and vibrant while also blocking out the sun’s rays. This brand has been at the forefront of various initiatives like the reef-safe sunscreen movement, and you can count on their well-researched and well-crafted products to perform perfectly. This is also a very reasonably priced product which can be a nice benefit if you use sunscreen every day.

Raw Elements sells a whole lineup of different skincare products that are environmentally safe, and you will love the soft scent and smooth application of all of these products. From cocoa butter to organic black tea, the natural ingredients in this sunscreen will make you feel like you have just stepped out of the spa.

3. Manda Organic Sun Creme

For a stronger SPF than some other products on the market, you need to consider Manda’s organic sunscreen. This product is SPF 50, and it is all-natural. This is a zinc-oxide sunscreen that is chemical-free and kid-friendly. This is also a really good choice for sensitive skin, and the lightness of this formula will feel really great on your skin when it is hot out.

This sun lotion offers more fragrance than some of the others on this list, but the soft and dreamy tropical notes of the scent are added with natural ingredients that will not cause irritation. One of the other key perks of choosing this sunscreen is that it is high in antioxidants and regenerative, and also offers anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Preventing acne and other kinds of skin irritation is easy with this sunscreen in hand!

Manda cares about sustainability as well, and the plastic tube that the sunscreen is sold in is actually derived from sugar cane! The packaging is 100% recyclable which is a really clever and thoughtful design note that this company has taken the time to add to their product design.

4. Coola Organic Sunscreen

 For vegan and gluten-free sunscreen that smells great and comes backed by dermatologist testing, you don’t need to look any further. This is one of the nicest organic sunscreens on this list because of the spray-style application and the durable can that travels well. The peach blossom scent is fresh and clean, and the non-greasy nature of this product is husband and small-child approved.

Aloe vera is included in this product which is great for skin care as well as being soothing for sunburns that might have happened before you started using this product. Uniquely, this product also includes seaweed and algae extract. This detoxifies and softens the skin and also adds vitamins and minerals to the mixture that are good for skin health. Other natural additives like strawberry fruit extract help protect skin from environmental damage and convey essential Vitamin C.

This is another cruelty-free brand that believes in “farm-to-face” sourcing that is good for local markets and better for consumers. Coola labs works hard to protect organic sources of Phyto-protection as well, which means your purchase helps fight deforestation and other forms of environmental threats.

5. Butterbean Organic Simple Formula Sunscreen

If you love to be active and spend time in the water, you need to choose this sunscreen. This is a water and sweat-resistant formula that includes certified organic ingredients. This recipe uses fair trade oils as well as pure vitamin E to make your skin healthy and to help detoxify it.  This product also uses a non-nano-sized Zinc Oxide particle which makes sure that this sunscreen is not absorbed into the skin. This means that this product is very safe for your skin, and it also lasts a lot longer than if it was not made this way.

This is a cruelty-free, reef-safe and biodegradable product that is naturally sourced. This is a product that is good for people and the environment. The spray-style delivery of this product makes it easy to apply and helps you to get an even application on your skin. The natural preservatives also make sure that this product will not separate or go bad really quickly as other natural products can.

You will get UVA and UVB protection from this product, and the small and effective applicator is really ideal for travel. This is a sunscreen that is strong enough for use in the water and near the equator but safe enough to use at home. You will also be free of worries over getting skin breakouts or irritated skin if you want to use this product every day to keep your skin looking young.

6. Block Island Organics

This is an SPF-30 product that offers UVA and UVB protection. This is also an anti-aging product which is really ideal for those who are looking to prevent wrinkles and sun spots. Block Island’s products are EWG recommended and non-toxic. This formula has also won many awards and has been one of the leading sunscreens in this niche for the past eight years. The invisible Zinc Oxide formula is really ideal if you hate to see your sunscreen on your skin throughout the day.

The shea butter and aloe in this product help keep your skin supple and moisturized. This product also works really well under makeup which is unusual for natural sunscreen products. There are very few natural sunscreens that can be worn readily under makeup of various kinds. The fact that this product is free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, or fragrances makes it a great choice for sensitive skin and for use on kids.

The handy squeeze bottle is very helpful if you hate dealing with spray-style applications or regular squeeze-style bottles that separate and need mixing.

7. 3rd Rock Sunblock

3rd Rock products are aromatherapeutic and can be trusted to protect against peeling, sunburn, wrinkles, and sunspots. This is an SPF 35 product, and it is safe for kids as well as adults. The moisturizer portion of this product is very gentle on the skin, and you will love the lightness of this product when you are wearing it. This is a Zinc Oxide product, but it is more supple and clear than many other products of this kind. This product acts like a lotion and is perfect for daily sunscreen use.

This is a PETA-approved product as well, which is really nice if you are worried about adding cruelty-free products to your routine. This is also a really good choice for water resistance which cannot be said about a lot of other natural products. You can trust this sunscreen to stick to your skin and do its job for many hours of the day when you are in the sun or if you are sweating.

For UVA and UVB protection that is very lightweight and gentle on the skin, there are a few other products that can compete with this product. The squeeze bottle-style container works really well at preventing separation as well, which helps save time if you are using this product every day.

8. Blue Lizard Sunscreen

For the best reef protection sunscreen of all, you need to pick up this product. This is a mineral sunscreen that does not contain any active ingredients. This sunscreen is SPF 50, and you will get UVA and UVB protection from this product as well. This sunscreen is smoothly applied and comfortable to wear, and you will appreciate how nicely it sits on your skin.

This sunscreen is ideal for places with strong sun, like areas near the equator. This product was developed in Australia and was tested in this very sunny place where sunburns are almost mandatory for those who are not used to the sun when they visit. This is a cruelty-free product that is carefully sourced to take care of the environment and to help you to take care of yourself.

The smart bottle technology that is used for this product keeps the mineral oil products in the recipe is meant to keep the product from spoiling. The bottle travels perfectly as well, making this a great choice for when you head to sunny places and need your sunscreen with you.


Why should you use natural sunscreen?

You should use natural sunscreen to avoid skin irritation and to help keep the sun’s rays from harming your skin. You will benefit from these natural and organic recipes that will not clog your pores and that are safe for the environment as well.

Is Vaseline safe for the skin?

While not technically harmful to your skin, Vaseline products can clog pores, can irritate tissues, and can lead to hot spots. You should avoid the use of Vaseline products for skin care needs.

Are natural sunscreens safe?

Yes, the FDA has approved the common ingredients in natural sunscreens for use. Mineral sunscreens and Zinc Oxide have been proven to be safe for regular use.

Is aloe vera a natural sunscreen?

While this is a common ingredient in many natural sunscreens, aloe itself does not repel the sun’s rays. Aloe vera is a good skin moisturizer, however, which makes your skin less likely to show wrinkles or get sun damage.


Natural and organic sunscreens offer many benefits. These products keep the environment safe, and they are reef safe as well. Your skin will also thank you for protecting it from chemicals that cause skin irritation. Natural and organic products are better for everyone of all ages, from children to adults, and you will not regret making this change. Natural sunscreens are comfortable to wear and very effective and can make your skincare routine much more enjoyable every day.

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