The 10 Best Whitening Creams 2020

Best Whitening Cream

Looking for the best whitening cream? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 list of the best whitening creams currently for sale online:

The craze for lighter skin is not dying down anytime soon. People who belong to the Asian part of the world are especially concerned about their skin tone.

As soon as they get a bit of a tan, they start smearing their faces with whitening creams with the home of having fairer skin. These creams will make the skin tone go lighter, but they surely come with a number of disadvantages.

At times, these whitening creams that provide instant fairness to the skin actually cause great harm later on. This occurs owing to the fact that these creams are full of mercury-filled ingredients that affect the skin gravely.

What Is Whitening Cream?

A skin whitening cream is basically a product that has features of a bleach. Just like bleach, these creams make it possible for the user to lighten down the tone of color.

Apart from the bleaching ingredients, these creams have skin brighteners as well as whiteners. Combined together, they work towards reducing the pigmentation of the skin. The pigment which appears on the skin where the amount of melanin is higher than other parts is reduced to a great level by using these skin whitening creams.

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Bleaching The Skin

A cosmetic treatment that is taken by people who look forward to mellowing down the darkness of their skin is skin bleaching. With the help of the creams that have bleaching agents as one of the main ingredients, people are able to reduce the darkness of skin.

It can surely act as a life savior for those people who deal with some kind of serious skin discoloration. However, for people who do not have any such problem, frequent usage of skin bleaching products may cause great risk including skin cancer.

What is Whitening Cream Good for?

Skin whitening creams are indeed helpful for people who want to reduce the pigmentation of their skin. Those who do not really know what is whitening cream, the following text will enlighten them:

The best whitening cream is the one that provides its users with long terms results that are safe. Such a cream should not have any kind of chemical in it or else it will affect the skin in a negative manner.

The right kind of skin whitening cream is the one that doesn’t cause any kind of psychiatric and neurological issues to the body. These kinds of issues are possible if mercury is present in the cream in a high amount. Pregnant women should avoid creams loaded with mercury as much as possible.

This is important as this mercury may transfer to the unborn child and cause problems for him to a great deal. This is why the skin whitening creams having mercury in them are banned in most of the countries.

What Ingredients Does Whitening Cream Normally Have?

Normally, the skin whitening creams have the chemicals filled in them that reduce the pigmentation in the skin. However, in order to make sure your chosen cream doesn’t hurt you in any way, you should choose the one that comes with organic ingredients only.

These organic ingredients reduce the chances of acne and burns appearing on the skin. Thus, reading the ingredients listen to the creams is really important.

Some of the excellent ingredients that should be a part of your chosen skin whitening cream include bearberry extract, kojic acid, glycolic acid, niacinamide, and lactic acid. As these ingredients, when combined together, provide the users with the best possible effects, the creams having only these items should be trusted.

Who Should Use Whitening Creams?

Having fair and lighter skin is a dream of every Asian. However, some dreams are meant to be left unfulfilled, and for many people, this is one of those dreams.

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A lot of skin whitening cream manufacturers make lofty promises that turn out to be hollow. This is because people do not really consider their skin color before opting for the whitening creams and trusting the tall promises of their manufacturers.

It should be kept in mind that if someone naturally has a darker color, there is no amount of whitening cream that would help him in changing it into a fair one.

Extreme steps like frequent whitening injections may help a bit. However, thinking that smearing your face with these creams will render them a fair skin tone is surely delusional.

However, those people who have recently developed some pigmentation on their skin can surely opt for skin whitening creams and they will aid them in lightening that pigmentation.

What Are The Popular Brands of Whitening Cream?

there are a plethora of options available in the market. However, a wise person will always choose a trustworthy company. Be it the whitening cream for your face or the underarm whitening cream, some of the best brand available are:

  • Loreal
  • Ponds
  • Eveline 
  • Olay 
  • Lakme 
  • Nivea 
  • Clean and clear 
  • Garnier 
  • Revlon 

Skin Whitening Cream FAQs

How to use whitening cream?

Whitening creams are really easy to use. All one needs to do is to apply the required amount on the face and massage it well.

However, proper consistency is required as it would help the ingredients in the cream to break down the dead cells accumulated on the face and bring the lighter tone out.

At the same time, you should keep in mind that creams that you should not wear creams in the sun that have high bleaching chemicals in them, or else they may cause skin burns.

Along with this, applying an anti-aging cream will moisture your skin furthermore and add to your beauty.

Are skin whitening creams safe to use?

Skin whitening creams are safe only if they are made organically. If these creams are loaded with mercury, bleaching agent and other chemicals, there are high chances that they will harm you more than is good for you.


For a sudden pigmentation, it is the right choice to opt for a skin whitening cream. However, one should make sure to choose good quality creams that do not have any harmful chemicals in them.

Consistent usage of these creams may help you in having a lighter skin tone.

This article was last updated on November 18, 2020 .