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The 10 Best Hair Coloring Shampoos 2020

Hair Coloring Shampoo

Looking for the best hair coloring shampoos? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 list of the best hair coloring shampoos currently for sale online:

So, you are a girl who wants a change in her life! You decide that you are going to make a start by dying your hair. So, you go to a fancy salon and hire an expensive stylist to dye your hair. She does it all and dye your hair, gives you a perfect hue that you imagined, your hair looks beautiful and you love it!

You become the center of attention among your loved ones. But sadly, this attention lasts only for a while because, after some time, the pollution from the environment, the heat of the sun, chemicals from the air and other such stuff makes your hair look dull.

Your hair loses its radiance and the color gets darker tinge as compared to the natural color. Actually, all these factors react with your hair and lead to this darker tinge known as Brassiness.

Now, this is where the Hair Coloring Shampoos come into play. These awesome products, that can be referred to as one of the must-haves of the women with dyed hair, help to maintain the cynosure that your hair had when you had them dyed at the salon. They help bring back that amazing radiance that your hair displayed after visiting the salon.

With the use of a Color Shampoo, your hair won’t lose the brightness or gain any unwanted tinge of yellow, red or orange hue. You can use your hair coloring shampoo in between your salon visits to keep your hair looking vibrant and great! In addition, you can use the best coconut oil shampoos to protect your hair.

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What is Hair Coloring Shampoo?

Hair coloring shampoos are tinted cleansers using purple, red, blue, or other pigments that refresh your hair color, whether virgin or dyed before, and reduce the color fading because of the environmental factors such as the heat-styling, sun, etc.

These shampoos have pigments in them that are not as intense as actual hair dyes, but they are strong enough to refresh and revitalize the color already present in your hair.

These shampoos minimize fading, impart pigments onto your hair that blend with your natural hair color and neutralize the brassy tones. Some Hair coloring ‘poos leave a temporary tint in your hair that makes your hair look radiant and more intense.

While cleansing your hair the product will make your brunette, red, blonde or any other hair brighter. In addition, Color Depositing Conditioners are also available that should be accompanied to condition your hair and make the process of toning more efficient. Hair coloring shampoos come in different shades for different natural hair colors.

Who is it Meant For?

Hair coloring shampoos are one of the best products for women who have had their hair dyed and want to bring back the same radiance that they had when they first walked out of the salon.

But this doesn’t mean that they cannot be used by women that have virgin hair. They are an equally amazing product for such women too since these shampoos have colored pigments incorporated in their formula that give such women a temporary tint without any damage to the hair!

How to Choose Hair Coloring Shampoo for Each Hair Color?

If you want your hair to look radiant and fabulous, it is not going to happen on its own. You need to take proper care of your hair and pamper your hair with adequate products that suit your exact hair type. The same principle applies when you have to choose a proper hair coloring shampoo for your particle hair type.

You have to carefully choose the one that doesn’t damage your hair and serves you the best purpose. Frankly, when it comes to choosing the exact color of your hair coloring shampoo you can use the color wheel analogy! Which can be thought of as colors arranged on a wheel. The colors that are opposite to each other (i.e. analogous) blend well and create serene and comfortable designs. Luckily for you, we have done the work;

  •         For blondes, along with the women that have highlighted hair, Purple shampoos are recommended.
  •         For red hair, including all the tones like auburn, chestnut, ginger, use a red-hair-color shampoo.
  •         For brunettes and other darker-colored hair, blue shampoos are recommended.

How to use Hair Coloring Shampoo and How Often?

The best routine to use hair color shampoo is to use it twice or thrice per week. You should neither use the color too often nor infrequently. Now that you have the right shampoo for your hair and you know how often you should use it; this is how you should use best hair coloring shampoo:

  • Use Lukewarm water to make your hair warm. This will help the hair in absorbing the hair color shampoo more effectively.
  • Then pour the shampoo on your hand and massage it gently into your hair. To get the best results, ensure that you concentrate on the areas that feel the brassiest to you.
  • Leave the hair color shampoo on your hair for some time and then wash your hair thoroughly with cool water. Also, make sure that you study all the instructions on your specific shampoo so as to know the amount of time you need to leave the shampoo on for and many other details.
  • You can follow this procedure up with hair coloring shampoo to get the best results.
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Benefits of Using Hair Color Shampoos:

Trips to salons can be pretty expensive and time-consuming. A shampoo with color tint, on the other hand, can prolong the life of your hair and can also save you some money. Hair color shampoos are also soft and easier on your hair because they enhance and maintain bright colors without creating the need for using expensive and dangerous hair dyes.

Hair color shampoos don’t contain permanent hair dyes, so they give you the freedom of changing color whenever you want without doing any harm to your hair.

Continuous use of these ‘poos prevents color washout and keeps your hair glossy and radiant. It instantly refreshes your hair color and also cleanses your hair during the process. You can use them as often as you want without the fear of damaging your hair or your color. They even have the ability to maintain hard and strong colors such as red.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can You Dye Your Hair with Shampoo?

Yes! You can dye your hair with Hair Coloring Shampoos because they have colored pigments present in them that cover your hair after you use them. But the color is only temporary and can be changed whenever you want.

Furthermore, if you’ve already dyed hair then these coloring shampoos can provide radiance and brightness to your hair that might have been lost due to various environmental factors such as the sun, heat-styling or chemicals present in the air.

How Long Does Hair Color Shampoo Last?

The color will look fresh and last for as long as you keep using the hair coloring shampoo. The color will fade and ultimately disappear if you start washing your hair with your regular shampoo. At first, it will wash out a little but then eventually it will completely wash out.

Is It Better to Color Clean or Dirty Hair?

Before coloring your hair make sure you wash your hair with slightly warm water but do not use shampoo. Because if you do, it will wash all your natural oils away exposing your scalp to the dye and will also make the hair slippery.

As a result, the dye or bleach can burn your scalp as there will be no natural oils to protect it and the color will also not stick to the hair that effectively because your hair will be slippery. So, it’s better to color your hair dirty!

This article was last updated on November 18, 2020 .