The 10 Best Blackhead Remover Tools 2020

Best Blackhead Remover Tool

Looking for the best blackhead remover tools? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 list of the best blackhead remover tools currently for sale online:

If acne, dry or oily skin, and other skin problems weren’t enough, blackheads are another headache we have to deal with. No matter how much effort you put into your skincare routine, these pesky eruptions appear out of thin air.

Luckily the beauty industry hasn’t abandoned us and has produced countless blackhead remover tools promising to help us combat and get rid of these annoying skin imperfections.

These solution-driven products range from blackhead removal strips, dissolving gels, tweezers to rip them out, masks to remove them and infinite organic home remedies to help.

What are Blackheads

Referred to as Comedones, Blackheads are tiny bumps that grow on your face because of a clogged hair follicle embedded within your skin. As opposed to acne, blackheads are a relatively milder type of skin condition that isn’t life-threatening but still an unpleasant occurrence.

They normally appear on the face, more so in and around the nose regions and between the lips and chin. With contaminants and pollutants as stimuli, these become quite a nuisance.

If the opening of the hair follicles in the skin begins clogging up due to oil secretion then you’ll observe blackheads emerging. Sebum i.e. the oils produced by the sebaceous gland begins accumulating in the pores of the skin follicle along with dead skin.

Once it combines with other dead skin cells, a non-inflamed acne lesion. If the bump opens up and is exposed to open air, blackheads form due to oxidation of oils and proteins. People with oily skin types are more prone to blackheads.

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Blackhead Remover Tool Buying Guide

Blackhead extraction requires the application of pressure on the skin, hence using the wrong tool can lead to unwanted skin damage. If you are struggling with reoccurring blackheads and are searching for effective and safe blackhead removal tools then keep reading.

We’ve researched the best blackhead removal treatment methods, and compiled this comprehensive guide to eradicate them forever! For the best blackhead extracting tool take into consideration the following factors:

  • Quality

Make sure that you invest in a high-quality product because you should make no financial compromise when it comes to your skin. Even though a tool is not as expensive as a visit to the dermatologist, nevertheless don’t opt for cheap, low-quality products that you will regret later on.

The best blackhead removing tool is made of 100%, dermatologist grade, surgical, stainless steel with a professional electroplated needle. Stainless steel is a durable material that won’t break under pressure. Moreover, this will guarantee safe sterilization, prevent possibilities of infections and help to avoid corrosion.

Opt for tools with thick metal loops. Unlike their thin counterparts, they won’t puncture the skin when pressure is applied, avoiding the potential for skin damage.

  • Design

Try to find an anti-allergic design, especially if you are host to sensitive skin. Antibacterial coated blackhead removing tools will lessen the risk of infections and other sensitivities.

  • Comfort

For those who are unaware, blackhead removal is no walk in the park and is normally a mildly painful procedure. Hence, we advise you to find tools that offer maximum comfort. We suggest you get entire blackhead removal tool kits.

This flexibility of multiple tool options will reduce discomfort. Portability is another aspect of comfort to consider, make sure the tools you get are lightweight and transportable because you might need them at work, on a trip, etc.

Types of Blackhead Removing Tools

  • Masks: Masks specifically for blackheads are normally manufactured and available as peel-off masks. The mask only needs to be applied, allowed resting time and then peeled off, taking the blackheads off along with it. Even though they can be tricky to handle and messy, they offer a lot of skin benefits. Look for charcoal in the ingredients of masks if you struggle with excessively oily skin.
  • Pore strips: Pore strips slip right on top of your nose. They possess a strong adhesive that rips off blackheads and dead skin. Best of all they are easy to use and not messy or fussy at all, the only downfall is that they tend to be painful.
  • Electric: Electric blackhead removers adopt the suction methodology. They methodically suck out blackheads from pores. Be careful as electric removers, if used incorrectly can lead to pain and skin irritation.
  • Manual tools: These are usually sold in kits along with other tools like tweezers. They function by opening pores and digging out built-up oils and dirt. There’s a thin metal tool that is available in multiple sizes with a curved open end. Manual tools are an eco-friendly and effective purchase. However, they may be difficult to use without proper guidance and a little bit of pain.
  • Vacuums: This versatile tool helps to treat acne, exfoliate, clear up clogged pores and eradicate blackheads.
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Features to look out for

  • Ingredients: Before buying a blackhead-removing mask, carefully inspect the ingredients listed on the product. It’s important to avoid chemicals like petroleum, alcohol and mineral oil that can further dry out the skin or plug up pores.
  • Suction levels and nozzles: A high-quality electric blackhead removing tool has several nozzles and different suction levels. These accommodate reaching different areas of the body and face. For those with sensitive skin requiring gentler setting options, adjustable levels can be beneficial.
  • Tool kits: The most well-equipped and utilitarian kits include tweezers, the extractor, a scraper, and a lancet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I use a Blackhead Remover tool?

Begin the process by cleansing your skin with warm water, and then apply a hot, and a little damp, clean towel over the blackhead afflicted are. Keep it pressed on the skin for approximately 10- 15 minutes. Use an alcohol-soaked cotton pad to then wipe and disinfect the tool and your skin.  From the textured mid-shaft, hold the tool comfortable and over the blackhead place the wire loop.

Completely encircle the area you want to treat with the loop and then apply gentle and even pressure in order to release the contents inside. From within the clogged pore, you will observe white pus oozing out. Clean it up, your skin and disinfect your tool.

Do Blackhead Vacuums really work?

The jury is still out on this slightly controversial tool. The vacuum’s strength is a concern because if the suction is too intense then it can cause bruising i.e. telangiectasia that means superficial blood vessels dilate.

These broken blood vessels can become permanent, appearing as thread-like and red might even require laser treatment to remove. They work optimally when blocked pores are pre-loosened with glycolic or salicylic acid or via microdermabrasion i.e. physical exfoliation.

Are Blackhead Extractors bad for your skin?

Extractions can be good for your skin as they remove dirt, accelerate acne healing and clear up the skin. They assist in the elimination of milia i.e. white bumps formed from protein buildup.

If extracted inappropriately, you can suffer from scarring, pushing the bacteria deeper into the skin, cause the follicle to become inflamed and more breakouts.

What happens if you don’t remove Blackheads?

Pores are designed to clean themselves so simply cleansing and not removing blackheads is fine. However in some cases, if left untreated, because of oil and bacteria buildup, blackheads can develop into inflammatory acne.

This article was last updated on November 18, 2020 .