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A concealer (also known as a color corrector) is commonly applied on the face to cover up dark circles, pimples and zits, wrinkles, aging spots, and large pores. It also gives a tightening effect.

As mentioned, it is also called a color corrector. It is a step further to a foundation or a BB cream. Having a thicker texture and a stronger pigment, it tones up the skin and evens skin color. Many assume that it is a must-have, though it is important to be careful in its application.

Let’s find out more.

Isn’t Foundation Enough?

Concealer and foundation are usually seen as similar because the functions are more or less the same. Both are used to even skin tone, and therefore, need to be tested before they are bought.

They can be used together, but also on their own. Beauticians say that for best results, it is important to test the product on the back of one’s hand or elbow and see if it blends perfectly to hide all skin blemishes. Testing it on your wrist or palm of your will not give the best results.

Concealers can come in all textures, from liquid form to a stick that can be applied to certain places, to a powder form. If you use the powdered form, you have to leave it for a few minutes before you apply another cosmetic product over it. Let’s look at the history of concealer.

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Max Factor was the first commercial seller of concealers. The product was named Erace, (they were quite clever with the name), and was launched sometime in 1954. It was generally used to cover birthmarks, discolorations, sunburns and the like.

Of course, it wasn’t that advanced at the time and required a lot of blending. The texture was noted to be heavier, and not available to suit many skin types. Foundation may not be enough. Let’s see what each concealer can do!

Why Do Concealers Come in Different Colours?

Over the years, concealers have advanced. They are compatible with dry skin, oily skin, combination, and there is an endless array of shades that confuse one at a cosmetic stand. There are separate concealers for dark eyes, red skin, and so forth, however, that seems like a marketing ruse.

One concealer can cover all skin problems, but many beauticians have disagreed. Some prefer that the concealer should be a shade lighter and that pigments with yellowish tinges are best for dark circles.

A concealer with green undertone is good for red skin patches, caused by sunburn or rash, blue for pimples and fragmented veins. Mind you, purple concealer is great for giving your skin a brighter and fresh look.

List of Concealer Ingredients:

  1. Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil
  2. Dimethicone
  3. Glycerin
  4. Talc
  5. Hydrolyzed Rice Protein
  6. Glyceryl Stearate
  7. Kaolin
  8. Mineral Oil
  9. Hydrolyzed Corn Starch
  10. Fragrance
  11. Oleyl Alcohol
  12. Sodium Chloride
  13. Color Additive
  14. Water

Concealer Types

There are a variety of concealers. The main ones are blemish concealer (also has ingredients that prevent acne), brightening or highlighting concealer (great for shadowing and contouring), and color-correcting concealer (mainly used to cover discoloration).

As mentioned above, it comes in different states: liquid concealers are generally easiest to apply, stick concealers require more blending, and a cream concealer is very common. There are also pencil concealers that can be used to cover small spots, or if one does not put too much concealer on. This one is great for pimples as well.

Blemish Concealers

It is noted that NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Maybelline FIT ME!, and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer is the best in the Blemish Category. These concealers all come in creamy textures and blend easily.

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It is best not to use them too much as they can give a cakey feel to the overall look. However, they conceal evenly so the foundation is not always necessary for these products.

Brightening or Highlighting Concealers

This can save you money. These concealers can highlight your features for you, so you may save up on getting extra highlighters. It is generally best to get one/two shades lighter.

The technique to use this is to make a big V under the eyes to stop dark shadowing. Blend it properly so it attracts light on the under-eye area. This technique is also helpful to bring out cheekbones if done in a straight line.

If your concealer is two shades darker then you can contour with it too, using it on the sides of your forehead and under your cheekbones. Use it on your jawline to create a completely contoured look. Here you can get more help.

Colour Correction Concealers

These come in different colors; peach, green, blue, purple, for different discolorations. These ones need to be used cleverly and properly blended without any heavy layering. Use a foundation over the colored concealers to properly conceal discolorations.

If your skin type is oily, try to use them in very thin layers. To recap on the functions of each color; write down the directions on a post-it and paste them in your mirror. You can get all of these colors in one palette or use them as different products. They even come in tubes or pen-shaped containers.

  • Peach, orange, or salmon/coral colored or pink concealer should be used for dark circles.
  • Green or mint colored concealer will work amazingly on all red patches and dry skin. It is also great for great big pimples.
  • Yellow or cream-colored will get rid of birthmarks, veins or bruises.
  • Lavender or purple-colored concealer goes well for skin brightening.

Hey, ladies, we hope this was helpful, and your skin shines every day. You are beautiful, and should not have to conceal yourselves. Brighten up every day for work and let the world see you smile unabashedly. Psst, drink a lot of water and get your beauty sleep, ladies.

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