The 10 Best Organic Lipsticks 2020

Organic Lipstick

Looking for the best organic lipsticks? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 list of the best organic lipsticks currently for sale online: Scroll further down for our full organic lipsticks buyers guide.

Organic Lipstick Buying Guide

One of the major concerns in today’s world is a health issue. Makeup is one of the many things that came under the discussion. As a result of many findings, makeup can be very harmful to health. Many of the markets started coming up with the idea of organic or natural makeup.

We can’t say organic makeup to be completely harmless but it is surely less harmful than the conventional makeup. Lipsticks are a serious concern. As we apply it on the lips, there is a greater chance of their consumption. Hence it is very important to go for organic lipsticks considering the fact that they do not contain any toxic ingredient.

Why Should I Use Organic Makeup?

There are several reasons why one should go for organic makeup. Above all, you should go for organic and natural makeup because it is not harmful to your health or your skin. Secondly, they are eco-friendly and hence you will not feel guilty while using your makeup very often. As a matter of fact, organic makeup can be beneficial for your skin health.

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It contains more of the natural ingredients or nature-derived ones. These ingredients are good for your skin. Additionally, they are not harsh on your skin as they do not contain any harsh chemicals. As a result, you can use makeup more often without feeling guilty.

In short, there are multiple reasons that can convince you to move from conventional to natural and organic makeup. These days many people are making this change and they have got some valid reasons for shifting to organic makeup.

Organic Product Regulatory Authorities

It is widely believed that there are regulatory authorities to control the quality of food items. The fact is, now makeup also has to comply with the regulations of these authorities. Some of the authorities that the organic makeup has to seek certification from are as follows:

  • USDA: Organic makeup has to be standardized by the USDA. Also, it should comply with their organic claim according to the regulations of USDA
  • FDA: Secondly, the products have to meet the safety standards and the labeling standards as specified by the guidelines and requirements of the FDA.

These regulatory authorities make sure that you get the right product to use and they cause you no harm by any of the toxicities.

Benefits of Organic Lipstick

Every girl seeks beautiful, shiny lips but when you consider the costs you have to pay for those, then it is a difficult decision. The good thing is now many manufacturers understand that we girls need gorgeous and stunning lipsticks but also care about the healthy part.

Hence many brands started making incredible lipsticks that contain more than 95% natural ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals so you can enjoy a safe and beautiful makeup.

Some of the benefits of organic lipsticks are as follows:

  • Natural dyes: Organic lipsticks have natural dyes and hence they are not very harmful if you accidentally consume any of it. On the other hand, synthetic dyes can be really dangerous to your skin and your health if ingested.
  • Nourishing ingredients: Natural and organic lipsticks contain some nourishing ingredients that will moisturize and nourish your lips and will give you a smooth and shiny look at all times.
  • Nutrient-rich: These lipsticks contain natural ingredients and hence are full of nutrition. If you choose organic lipsticks then aside from the allergies you are sure to not go wrong with the choice you make.
  • Non-toxic: These lipsticks are non-toxic and hence it is safe to apply them. Being applied to the lips, lipsticks are the makeup products that are most likely to be consumed. Considering that it is very important that you choose the lipsticks that are non-toxic and hence safe for you.
    If you are still confused about the decision you can always learn more about natural and organic lipsticks and how they are better than conventional lipsticks.
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Organic Lipstick Colors

Organic lipsticks have a wide variety now as many brands are manufacturing the organic lipsticks. Hence, when you decide to shop for it you will find inexpensive ones as well as the very expensive ones. Similarly, you will find many colors and shared ranging from the extreme plum to the bright red and many shades of pinks in between.

Organic Lipstick Ingredients

95% or more of the ingredients present in organic lipsticks are naturally produced. Hence, these lipsticks are free from chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Synthetic ingredients can damage your skin and are harsh on the skin. Organic lipsticks contain oils and other natural and organic ingredients that can be called edible. As rule things, you can’t eat should not be applied.

Popular Brands of Organic Lipsticks

A vast number of brands have jumped into the production of organic lipsticks yet some of them took the lead. Eco Bella is by far the most popular brand. It is one of the most organic lipstick brands available in the market. Besides Ecobella, ILIA, Jane Iredale and Honeybee Gardens are some other popular brands you can trust for the organic lipsticks.


Choosing a lipstick is by itself a difficult task. Picking up the right shade and going for the color that looks best on you is a challenge in itself. Buying organic lipstick is no exception.

In comparison to conventional lipsticks, it is still safe and easier to buy organic lipstick. Then you won’t have to worry about synthetic dyes and harmful chemicals. Just look out for a good trustable brand. Also, make sure that the products are certified to be organic. Then choose the right color and the right shade for yourself.

By now you would have a better idea about the importance of organic makeup and skincare products. Especially in the case of lipsticks as they are the crucial ones. They have to be free of all the toxic and harmful ingredients. You might also be interested in our best list of organic concealers and the best list of organic facemasks.

This article was last updated on December 7, 2020 .