The 5 Best Alcohol-Free Conditioners

Alcohol Free Conditioner

The increasing level of population in our environment has made the usage of a conditioner on our hair indispensable. Now, we can no longer rely on just smearing our hair with a moisturizing shampoo that will give enough nourishment to it. Rather, we have to go to the extra lengths in order to make our hair resistant to the harmful effects exerted by the environment.

A good conditioner, in such a situation, comes as a life savior. It doesn’t only repair the already damaged hair, but at the same time, adds enough moisture in the hair that they get resistant to future damage. However, one needs to use alcohol-free conditioners for that matter. Conditioners that have alcohol as one of their ingredients can do more harm than good for the users.

The 5 Best Selling Alcohol-Free Conditioners:

Below you can find the 5 best selling alcohol free conditioners currently available for sale on

The 5 Best Alcohol-Free Conditioners:

1. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

Best for dry, curly hair. 

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

Formulated for dryness the Shea Moisture conditioner works wonders on curly hair. It is so important for your curls to be looked after, so a good conditioner is a must! Containing no alcohols, it’s sulfate and paraben-free.

The shea butter, sea kelp, and argan oil formula work magic. You can leave it in or rinse it out depending on the level of moisture you need. So, look no further for your ultimate product for dry and curly hair. 

2. Handmade Naturals Olive and Jojoba Oil Unscented Conditioner

Best for Sensitive skin

Handmade Naturals Olive and Jojoba Oil Unscented Conditioner

This is a fantastic conditioner with blissfully simple ingredients. The Handmade Naturals Conditioner is Vegan, paraben & alcohol free, and suitable for sensitive skin. Formulated for all hair types this is the perfect choice for those who need a scent-free product. Rich and creamy, it will build up your hair strength and is sure to leave your hair wonderfully smooth!

3. Yarok Feed Your Volume Conditioner

Best for thin hair

Yarok Feed Your Volume Conditioner

This is a super nourishing product for all hair types, especially thin hair. It will leave your hair feeling moisturized to the max. Formulated with Jojoba Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Aloe Vera, it’s best for volumizing and leaving a glossy finish. Not only that, but the scent of sweet orange and rosemary leaves you smelling fresh for days!

4. Organic Excellence Conditioner Wild Mint

Best for all hair types 

Organic Excellence Conditioner Wild Mint

Organic Excellence’s conditioner is aimed at all hair types but especially good for dry hair. This is a conditioner that will restore and soften any damage.

It has a lovely wild mint fragrance and it’s free of drying alcohol. Instead, it contains only the best moisturizing ingredients. Its low pH balance will compliment your hair nicely and stops any build-up that could cause further damage to your hair. It’s safe for color-treated hair too!

5. Klorane Oat Milk Conditioner

Best for dry, knotted hair.

Klorane Oat Milk Conditioner

Oat milk is a fantastic ingredient that helps hydrate and revitalize dull hair. This conditioner by Klorane is loaded with this key ingredient and is great for all hair types. Oat milk is known to soothe the skin so this conditioner will help relieve any irritation on the scalp. As a bonus, it has a wonderful detangling property to keep your hair looking soft and flawless.

What are Alcohol-Free Conditioners?

Contrary to the popular belief, the regular alcohol that is used on the skin of people having some wounds or cuts is not what the companies tend to add in their conditioners. The Isopropyl alcohol used to rub on the wounds to give them a cleaner surface is not used in the conditioners.

Rather, a mix of fatty acids is brought together and a separate alcoholic mixture is made out of it. Then this mixture is added to the alcohol with the aim of retaining the moisture of the hair. It targets the dryness of the hair and keeps the moisture of the hair intact.

However, people who already have dry hair may not be able to benefit from such conditioners. This is owing to the fact that dry hair already lacks moisture, so any product aiming to retain the already nonexistent moisture would be rendered futile.

Rather, the alcohol conditioners end dry hair even dryer. Therefore, the alcohol-free conditioner may be a better option to opt for. For dry and brittle hair, it is always a better option to choose a conditioner that is free of alcohol and full of moisture providing and retaining ingredients.

How to Select The Best Alcohol-Free Conditioner:

1. Know Your Hair type

Before deciding which conditioner you want to have, it is imperative to know your hair type. If your hair is dry, buying a conditioner that has alcohol in it will turn it into a frizz ball. If you keep using it, you will eventually end up ruining the texture of your hair. Alcohol filled conditioners tend to do more harm than good if your hair is not accepting that additional ingredient.

Just knowing that your conditioner doesn’t have alcohol is not enough. The best alcohol-free conditioner should be chosen keeping in mind the following points:

2. Know The Formula

There are times when the conditioner you buy may have it written in bold that it is alcohol-free, but the ingredients written minutely at the back do have some alcoholic items. There are different types of alcohol that are used in the manufacturing of conditioners.

There is a possibility that the manufacturer may add short-chain alcohol in the conditioner and make it look like an alcohol-free item. You need to be very careful and if you have dry hair, make it a priority to read the ingredients list very keenly before buying the conditioner.

3. Know The scent

The fragrance coming out of your hair would either make people woo you or run away from. We’re sure you would want to opt for the first option! To make that happen, opt for the alcohol-free conditioner that comes with a light fragrance with them. Very strong scents should be avoided. Rather, the conditioner oozing with the smell of coconut or lime should be given a priority.

4. Know Your Priority

Different individuals have different priorities when it comes to talking about hair texture. However, those who follow the curly hair method need to stick to the alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner combo strictly. A product with even the minutest amount of alcohol will cause great destruction to their process of having curly hair.

As curly hair constantly needs an extra amount of moisture, treating them with alcoholic products would be a sin. At the same time, if you have very fine hair, you would want to opt for a product that doesn’t have too many ingredients in it or it will weigh the hair down.

5. Know The Price

If you have a tight budget and cannot go out of the borderline while buying this month’s hair conditioner, you should surely opt for an alcohol-free item as it would come with a relatively lower price range compared to the alcoholic conditioner.

Features to Look Out For in an Alcohol-Free Conditioner:

Low pH

A lot of people do not give any heed to this advice, but choosing a product according to the pH of your hair is a good way to keep it in good health. While buying shampoos, conditioners and other styling gels, choosing items that keep the pH intact and moisture locked in the hair are imperative. The right pH balance will keep the hair away from aging too fast.

Oil composition

For dry hair, it is a good decision to opt for a conditioner that has oil in it. By using such a product, the user is able to rehydrate the hair every time he applies the conditioner. Using conditioner infused with avocado, argan or olive oil will keep the hair in good shape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do All Conditioners Have Alcohol?

No, not all conditioners have alcohol in them. However, there are certain items that may have a type of alcohol used in beauty ingredients. It may be ethanol, SD alcohol or alcohol dent. Before buying a conditioner, keenly observing the ingredients list is thus imperative.

Is Alcohol in Conditioner Bad for Your Hair?

If you have dry hair, a conditioner with alcohol is really bad for you. Owing to the fact that alcohol takes away all the moisture from the hair, you may not want to opt for this type of conditioner.

Why is Isopropyl Alcohol in Conditioner?

Isopropyl Alcohol is a type of fatty acid that is used in conditioners for the drying effects that it has. Apart from being used in conditioners, it is used in many other cosmetic items too. However, for dry hair, it may end up turning the head into a frizz ball.

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