The 5 Best Tingle Tanning Lotions of 2022

The Best Tingle Tanning Lotions

Your quest for a darker tan color might have led you to a tingle tanning lotion. 

Getting a beautiful sun-kissed look has become fashionable. More people are turning to self-tanning lotions.

If regular tanning lotion does not give you a bronze shade that you desire, or you have reached a tanning plateau( your skin doesn’t react to ordinary tan lotions), you can switch to tingle tanning lotions. 

The lotions deliver an intense dark shade that’s long-lasting. However, tingle tanning is recommended for experienced tanners.

The 5 Best Tingle Tanning Lotions:

Below, we list 5 of the best tingle tanning lotions.

1. Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanning by Ed Hardy

Best overall tingle tanning lotion

Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanning by Ed Hardy

The hottest tingle tanning lotion on the market is Ed Hardy’s Obnoxious bronzer.

It has an extreme sizzling tingle that is suitable for advanced tanner’s. You might not want to start with this one if you’re a beginner because it makes you feel a burning sensation. However, this tanning lotion gets you darker than the other tanning lotions.

The tingle formula accelerates blood circulation and warming to the skin, causing immediate reddening. After some minutes, the red turns to a dark color that will last long.

Apart from tanning, the lotion is infused with vitamin c and antioxidants that help delay the aging process. It also has hemp seeds oil which moisturizes and softens your skin. 

2. Devoted Creations White 2 Black

Best ultra-fast tingle tanning lotion

Devoted Creations White 2 Black

If you’re looking for an ultra-fast solution to tanning, you can try Devoted Creation white to Black lotion. It uses a tingle formula to help you darken your skin up to three times darker than your shade. It also targets your melanin production to accelerate the tan.

However, the name ‘White to Black’ is being phased out to be replaced with ‘White to Bronze,’ but it’s still the same thing.

Though extracted from black tea and cranberry, the lotion is white and does not stain or streak. It’s bronzer-free and has a lovely scent of rain-kissed leaves. 

3. Millennium Insanely Black Dark Tanning Lotion

Best scented tingle tanning lotion

Millennium Insanely Black Dark Tanning Lotion

This Insanely black lotion by Millennium turns you ultra-dark like you’ve been sun-kissed for ages. The tingle formula delivers immediate change in your skin color by increasing cell microcirculation that tans your skin.

Blended with silicone emulsion, the lotion helps you achieve an extreme dark bronze. It provides an even tan without leaving an oily residue on your skin.

The fresh fruity scent of blackberry citrus leaves you smelling fantastic. However, this lotion is for experienced users in tanning because it has a hot burning sensation that might be overwhelming for a beginner.

4. Tanovations Double Shot Hot Tingle -Ed Hardy

Best tingle tanning lotion for a dark tan

Tanovations Double Shot Hot Tingle -Ed Hardy 

Ed Hardy doesn’t disappoint when it comes to tanning lotions. This lotion is super hot, be warned and be sure to read the instructions on the bottle.

The product claims to be the hottest of hot for the most intense tanning experience, rightly so, judging by the experience of most clients on Amazon.

The lotion has more silicon and higher amounts of bronzers. Hence, it takes a while before the cream starts to work, but the tingle will last for hours once it begins. 

It needs a lot of caution and tolerance, but the result is three times darker than your skin shade.

5. Brown Sugar Tingle Bronzer SPICY BLACK CHOCOLATE

Best affordable tingle tanning lotion

Brown Sugar Tingle Bronzer SPICY BLACK CHOCOLATE

Brown Sugar Tingle Tanning Lotion is an affordable option for achieving a dark tan on a budget. It has a high amount of silicone and bronzer, which gives you an excellent bronze shade. To get the best even bronze color,  ensure you rub in the lotion evenly to prevent streaks.

The lotion is advanced two hundred times to deliver the darkest tan possible. The spicey tingle is hot to accelerate the tan process.

It’s extracted from double chocolate to nourish your skin. Chocolate has antioxidants that are good for repairing and preventing skin from damage.

What does tingle mean in tanning lotion?

A tingle is a burning sensation that you experience when you apply a tingle tanning lotion. It’s as if you are on fire and burning.  If you touch another person, they might feel like they are burning or get red skin.

How tingle tanning lotion works

Tingle tanning lotions accelerate the speed of blood circulation to the surface of your skin. Oxygen and rate of blood flow increase in the cells on your skin, producing a deep color several times darker than your skin shade.

The increased blood flow to the skin surface makes your skin turn red, and it facilitates the production of more melanin for tan color. Tingle tanning lotion with bronzer reacts with the proteins on your skin layers to form a tan.

The most common active ingredient in tingle tanning lotions are: 

  • hexyl nicotinate,
  • benzyl nicotinate
  • methyl nicotinate

The tingle tanning lotion feeling

People are unique and so are their experiences. The feeling can vary depending on the type of skin and tolerance level you have to the active ingredients. While one person can feel very hot and jump out of a tan bed, another who’s probably more experienced might not find it very hot.

Like most people, the tingle lotion might make you feel a burning sensation. Most people describe the feeling as hot, stings, or like you’re literally on fire. 

Due to the burning sensation, if you’re a beginner or have sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid it because it might get very hot. 

Benefits of Tingle Tanning Lotion

Do tingle lotions make you tan faster? The active ingredients in the creams speed up your blood flow around the skin, making your skin react more quickly with UV lights to make your skin develop a brown – tan – color. 

However, for some tinglers like those containing bronze, you might have to wait for around four hours before your skin tans, but the results are worth the wait because you get a nice bronze color.

Tingle tanning delivers a darker bronze than other tanning lotions would. When you’re experienced with tanning, you get to a point where you feel you need more color; that’s where tingle tanning comes in. 

With tingle tanning, you get a long-lasting tan.If you have stubborn areas like knees and legs that won’t turn with the regular tanning lotion, tingle tanning lotions will do it for you.

You also get moisturized skin because the lotion has ultra-high moisturizing content to ensure your skin is protected from UV light.

Side Effects of Tingle Tanning Lotions

You might experience a burning sensation, redness, itching, or mild pain, which is expected because of the effect of the active ingredients. It clears on itself an hour or more later after you’re done with the tanning.

However, you might experience more effects if you have sensitive skin, are allergic to the ingredients, or have a low tolerance to tingling. Some of the effects include skin rash, swelling, and severe pain. 

It’s best to listen to your gut feeling and seek a doctor’s help immediately when you experience severe symptoms.

Finding the best tingle tanning lotion for you

The following are factors to consider before buying a tingle lotion:

1. Strength of the Tingle

Tingle lotions have different formulas, so the degree of the tingle will vary. Some creams are extremely hot, while others are mild. Your level of experience will determine the tingle that you can tolerate. 

An advanced-level tanner might not feel any tingle when using some lotions, while others will make them feel hot within seconds. Some might burn for a couple of hours but what matters most is that you achieve the shade that you want. 

2. Does it contain moisturizer?

Indoor tanning can expose you to health risks because of the intense UV light on your body as you lay on the tanning bed. It would help if you had a powerful moisturizer. So, before buying a tingling lotion, confirm that it has enough moisturizing content.

3. Bronzer in lotion

 A bronzer is an essential ingredient in tingling lotions. Extracted from caramel extracts or DHA agents, bronzers help in improving your tanning outcome. 

Bronzers react with your previously tanned skin to create a darker color than you already have. However, if you buy a tanning lotion with bronzer, you have to apply the cream evenly then rub it to avoid leaving streaks or residues.

4. Your skin type

Before buying a tingling lotion, consider your skin type first. For example, you might have sensitive or dry skin. Check if a particular tingler is suitable for your skin to avoid allergic reactions or damage to your skin.


Is tingling tanning lotion bad for you?

The lotion in itself is not bad. It has moisturizing ingredients, which are good for your skin. Plus, it might have some other nutrients to nourish your skin. But the exposure to UV rays is what could pose a risk.

How can I stop the tingle action on the skin?

Most of the time, the tingle will stop on its own within an hour, but if it becomes too much, you can take a cold shower to soothe your skin or use a cream that has hydrocortisone in it; it will help reduce the itch. 

Can I use a tingle tanning lotion as a first-timer?

Tingle tanning lotions are suitable for experienced Tanner’s because you need a base tan color to improve on. Plus, you might reach a tanning plateau quickly – the stage where your body no longer reacts to the tanning lotion. 

How to use a  tingle tanning lotion for your first time

  • Create a base by tanning yourself first with a non- tingle lotion before trying the tingle tanning lotion.
  • Have a moisturizer and a 1% hydrocortisone cream at hand, will help reduce the effects of tingles like inflammation, itching, and swelling when they become unbearable.
  • Dilute the tingle lotion with a non-tingle to reduce hotness
  • Try on a small patch of your skin to see how you react to it.

Bottom line

The above tingle tanning lotions are the hottest in the market to help you get to the advanced level. Whether you’re experienced or a first-timer, always exercise caution.

This article was last updated on February 4, 2022 .

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