What’s a Good Gel for Natural Hair? (Answered)

If you have hair that is never processed with chemicals, and you want to make sure that your natural hair texture is preserved, you probably are very concerned about the products that you use. There are actually many hair products that are made for natural hair and that are perfect for protecting your hair’s pH and oils.

Keeping your hair healthy means that the products that you use on it do not strip it of moisture or make it weak or brittle. This can be the biggest complaint about traditional hair product formulas, especially for those who have naturally curly hair and do not want their hair to suffer damage.

What to Look For in a Gel for Natural Hair

You will want to be sure that the large majority of the ingredients in your gel for natural hair are natural or organic products. You should be able to recognize nearly all of the ingredients in the product by name. The most alcohols, chemicals, and oils that are not from natural sources are in a product, the harder it will be on your hair.

Being sure that the product that you are selecting is made to protect your hair’s pH and natural qualities is the second consideration that you need to have in mind. Many companies that provide this kind of haircare will state clearly which hair textures their products are for and be able to back up their assertions with ingredients that are top-quality. Always do research about the kinds of products that you are buying, and don’t assume that a product is healthy for your hair just because the brand claims that it is made with natural ingredients or for natural hair types.

Brands That Are Great for Natural Hair

There are a few brands that are really excellent for natural hair of various types. You will have great luck with any Mielle product that you pick up, and Devacurl is a great choice for highly moisturizing care for natural curls. Curly Magic makes a whole line of natural haircare products that are ideal for various hair textures as well.

For styling on a budget, you can pick up an ECO style product, or you might want to check out the CURLS product line-up. Make sure that you avoid products like Frizz-Ease, as these kinds of gels and curl boosters are made with all kinds of sealing agents that just make your hair appear smooth but which can lead to breakage and split ends.

Getting a Natural Hair Gel is Really Easy

If you have been struggling to find the right natural hair gel product for your hair, you can use this guide to get started shopping. Always be sure to look at the ingredient list of any product that you are thinking about buying. Doing your research will help you be sure that you are getting the exact product that you need each time you buy.

This article was last updated on May 29, 2023 .

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