What is VOC in Hair Spray? (Answered)

If you use hair spray, you might have noticed that there is always a percentage of VOC that is listed on every bottle of this kind of product. You might not know what this means, but having an awareness of what this term stands for matters. Hair sprays can be unhealthy for your use if they are not made with mostly natural ingredients, like these, and the more that you know about what is in each can of this product type, the better.

The VOC in hair spray is related to the aerosol nature of the product. This is why you should know what the percentage of VOC means for each product that you are using on your hair. Caring for your hair safely is possible, and you can avoid products that are not good for you or the environment if you know more about what VOC in hair spray is.

What is VOC?

The VOC is an abbreviation for volatile organic compound. Any propellant hair spray will have this kind of rating. Standard ratings are around 55%, which is common to other adhesive products that are used in a spray format like this. These compounds are actually hazardous chemicals that are always found in aerosol cans of products like paint and glue.

80 VOC used to be the common amount of allowed VOC in each hair spray, and this makes the product stickier. You cannot get this level of VOC anymore in many states, as the risk to people’s health is not acceptable. There are still places that will sell you an 80 VOC product, but you usually cannot even order them to be sent to your state due to the law surrounding these products.

Is hair spray Safe to Use?

You will have a much lower risk of being exposed to unsafe chemicals if you use a pump hair spray that is not an aerosol. The same goes for other products that are sold in spray cans. The less that you are exposed to the VOC in each of these products, the better for your long-term health. There are also gel-type products that can be used in the place of hair spray if you are worried about the chemicals in your current styling products.

Being conscious of the chemical exposures that you are subjecting yourself to on a daily basis can be critical for your long-term health. It has long been established that hair spray and other aerosol products are not ideal for human or environmental health. It is a good plan to keep these kinds of products out of your daily routine for many reasons.

Knowing the VOC in your hair spray Can be Important

Now that you know more about VOC in hair spray, you will be much better able to determine if your current hair spray product is a good choice for your use or not. Always make sure that you consider alternatives to hair spray for your hairstyling needs since these products tend to be less healthy than other options that are offered in the haircare space.

This article was last updated on May 29, 2023 .