What is Organic Moisturizer? (Answered)

Organic moisturizers are an ideal way to care for your skin health. If you have sensitive skin or you struggle with conditions like eczema, you will likely have a much better experience with an organic moisturizer than one that is not made with organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are not nearly as likely to cause skin irritation, and they are much better for use on skin that is dry, or that is very sensitive. Organic ingredients are associated with skincare that is gentle, soothing, and effective.

To be certified as organic, moisturizer products need to include ingredients that were not treated with pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or other synthetic ingredients. The standards are much the same as for organic foods, and you will be enjoying a much more natural skincare experience with these products on your side. No skincare product can claim to be organic if it is not sourced from these kinds of ingredients. Looking for the organic tag on your moisturizer of choice can make it much easier to find the right kind of product for your skin’s needs.

It can be tempting to just grab any moisturizer off the shelf or to save some money by getting a moisturizer that is not organic, but your skin will likely look and feel much better if you don’t cut corners in this way. There are few products that can offer you the benefits that an organic moisturizer can, and you will enjoy fewer breakouts, clearer skin, and brighter skin when you use an organic product for your moisturizing needs.

Many chemicals that are used to keep crops from being attacked by insects are very irritating to the skin and are not recommended. Even small exposures to these products can lead to breakouts, eczema, and rashes. For those with really sensitive skin, non-organic moisturizers can be very inflammatory to the skin. If you have been unhappy with the health of your skin, you might need to look at the ingredients in your moisturizer to be sure that this is not the reason for your breakouts and skin irritation.

You will want to be sure that the product that you are using includes a healthy oil like avocado, sunflower, or coconut oil. Shea butter is also a really good product for those with sensitive skin, and cucumber and aloe can help to soothe skin and keep it refreshed for hours after the application of a lotion or moisturizer. Looking for natural ingredients is easy, and you can rule out many products that will not keep your skin healthy just by doing a little research into the ingredients in these products. Make sure that you make it a habit to look at the ingredient list for any product that you buy to be sure that it truly contains organic ingredients.

This article was last updated on May 29, 2023 .

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