What is Concealer Made of? (Answered)

There are many kinds of concealer on the market, and many of them are made to offer different levels of coverage for the skin. You will find that the base ingredients in most concealers are the same, but there are sometimes added ingredients that increase pigment, change the coverage level of the product, or improve the way that the concealer performs for certain skin types.

The base of most concealers is talc, macadamia oil, and ground mica. There might also be titanium dioxide and shea butter in some products to help make the concealer smooth and flawless when it has been set up. When you buy lower-quality concealers, the oil products that make concealer easy to spread will likely not be sourced from a natural oil like Macadamia.

Mica is common in powdered concealers like mineral makeup, and these products also tend to contain zinc, which can protect your skin from the sun. This kind of product also helps to reflect light, which can help to hide blemishes and wrinkles. Mica itself is sheer and sparkly, which makes it a very common additive for blushes and highlighters of any brand.

Titanium dioxide is a versatile chemical that is present in many kinds of cosmetics. It is used to thicken makeup and to give it color as well. It can also serve as a protectant for the skin against the sun, and it is also well-tolerated by those with sensitive skin. Many people believe that there should be further studies into the effects of powdered titanium dioxide on health. It is considered a chemical that should not be breathed in, and it should not be present in any powdered makeup that you use on a regular basis due to the risks to your health.

Picking the right concealer often has a lot to do with the kind of oils that are present in the makeup. Shea oil, macadamia oil, and other naturally-sourced oils are often the best for your skin. Any synthetic product will be much more likely to clog your pores or cause skin irritation. If you are having trouble with your skin breaking out when using a new concealer, it is likely that the oil that is in the product is the culprit for your skin irritation.

Picking the right concealer can be key to having a good experience with putting on your makeup and with support for your skin health. The better the quality of your concealer, the healthier your skin will be. You will also get a much better application process and better wear of your makeup if you select a quality product for your daily use. Knowing what ingredients are in products like concealer can make it much easier to get a product that will be easy to apply and also one that will not irritate your skin or lead to skin breakouts and other issues.

This article was last updated on May 29, 2023 .

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