What is a Body Scrub Used For? (Answered)

Many people are aware that body scrubs exist, but they might be using them, not knowing what they do. You actually need to be aware of what this product does so that you can add it to your skincare routine correctly. Using your body scrub too often or at the wrong time in your skincare routine can make it less effective at its job.

Body scrubs are used to exfoliate the skin and remove old and dead skin cells. This brightens the skin and makes it more receptive to other skincare like moisturizing agents. You should be using a body scrub at least once a week, and you should make sure that it is a natural product that is made with healthy ingredients for the best results.

Are There Different Kinds of Body Scrubs?

Yes, there are various kinds of scrubs that are made for different uses. Gentle scrubs will have much softer scrubbing matter in them, which makes them fit for use on the face or sensitive areas of the body. You should never use a body-specific body scrub for your face as you could damage your facial skin.

For those who have really tough, dry skin to deal with, a body scrub that has a larger particle for scrubbing in it might be the right answer. Always use these products no more than once a week, however, so that you can avoid skin rashes and skin damage. The body scrub process is meant to care for the accumulation of dead skin cells and is not actually that good for healthy skin that is not yet dead or flaky.

How do I Use Body Scrub Correctly?

You will need to be sure that you use your body scrub as directed on the bottle or container. Some scrubs are meant to be used with a scrubbing agent like a loofah or a special sponge. Most of these products are meant to be used with the fingertips only. You should never scrub in straight lines and should only use this product with a gentle circling motion.

Using body scrubs with a face towel or a bristled tool can actually be damaging to the skin, so you should avoid this habit. You will typically get great results from body scrubs when you just use your hands to apply and work with the product. Always make sure that you wash off your body scrub thoroughly as well.

When do I Use a Body Scrub?

When you decide to use a body scrub, you will need to do this step last before you are getting done with your shower or bath. When you are dried off from the bath or shower, you will then apply lotion to get the most out of your skin’s receptivity for this treatment. Body scrubs are common at the end of a skincare treatment at a salon or spa for this reason.

Body Scrub Should be a Part of Your Skincare Routine

When you want to remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin, you will want to include a body scrub in your routine. These products smell nice, feel great on the skin, and can make your skin much healthier. Make sure to use your product according to the instructions for the best results.

This article was last updated on May 29, 2023 .

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