What Does Hair Spray Do? (Answered)

If you are not that big on styling your hair with products, you might not realize what hair spray actually does. You probably know that people use hair spray but not what it’s actually for. While the 80s were the highest point of hair spray use, there are still styling needs where hair spray is the only realistic option for the result you have in mind.

Hair spray is made for a specific set of styling and hair-setting goals. Without hair spray, some hairstyles would never be possible.

What is Hair Spray Used For?

Hair spray is made to set your hair in place so that waves, braids, or even whole sections of hair do not fall down or out of place. There are various levels of hold that are offered in hair spray products which means that you can get a more or less flexible hold for your hair from different kinds of hair sprays.

When setting hair into a position firmly, a maximum hold spray is required in most cases. For light setting that just keeps your hair from moving around some, a light hold might be enough to smooth and set the style. The shorter or coarser your hair, the most hold you will probably need to maintain a style. The weather and humidity can also impact the use of hair spray and its success at certain levels of hold.

Can I Get a Natural Hair Spray Product?

Yes, as a matter of fact, there are many organic or natural hair sprays that can be used in place of regular hair spray. Many companies make healthy and effective hair sprays that are better for your health and better for your hair. One of the main downsides of hair spray use can be that it dries out your hair. This is much less of an issue with natural hair spray products.

Can I Use Hair Spray for Setting With Rollers?

You will want to be careful about using hair spray for setting your hair with rollers or heat tools. Hair spray can get very stiff or can even glue together and damage your hair when not used right. Hair spray is really just for finalizing a style so that humidity and movement don’t impact it. You will want to consider hair spray a final step in your styling process and not the glue that holds your style together.

If you are setting a style that needs to go up in rollers or hair wraps, you will want to use a gel product. Hair gel is much more flexible than hair spray and less likely to damage your hair. The style will look much less stiff if you do not set it with hair spray as well. Plus, setting with hair spray would require quite a lot of product which would be costly over time.

Hair Spray is for Finishing Touches

If you are happy with your hairstyle and just want to be sure that it does not move out of place, hair spray is the solution for your needs. You will want to consider hair spray the final touch for styled hair and not the main product that you use to set your hair for the day. Hair spray comes in many different formulas for different hair types, and you can choose from varying levels of hold for your styling needs as well.

This article was last updated on May 29, 2023 .

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