What Are the Dangers of Paraben? (Answered)

What Are the Dangers of Paraben? (Answered)

Nearly everyone knows that parabens are bad for you, and you might already be avoiding products with parabens in them. However, do you know what the actual dangers are associated with parabens? They are sort of like the boogeyman of the cosmetic and personal care industry because everyone knows they are bad but not the reasons why.

What Are Parabens?

Parabens are compounds that are included in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products that are intended to keep products from spoiling. They are intended to keep products at the same consistency as well so that your foundation, your powder makeup, or your shampoo does not separate or get chunky or dried out.

There are so many products that include these chemicals that it can be hard to find anything that does not have a paraben in it. This is so common in regular cosmetics and hair and skin care products that you might have to shop for 100% organic products to avoid these ingredients.

What Are the Dangers of Parabens?

Parabens have been connected with a variety of different health risks in studies. There are indications that these chemicals can harm fertility in both sexes, and these chemicals might also harm reproductive organs. Birth outcomes may also be affected based on studies that have looked at parabens and birth defects, and birth complications.

Another set of negative outcomes that can be associated with parabens is hormone disruptions in people of all ages. The chemicals can interact with other hormone products that are being taken for medical needs too. 

Parabens can also cause skin irritation and can be present in urine samples which indicate that these compounds are not broken down in the body successfully either. These health risks can be lifelong, even if the exposure to parabens ends at some point. You can suffer permanent damage to your health from parabens which cannot be improved upon even if you start using paraben-free products.

What Products Have Parabens in Them?

Parabens are in most leave-on or rinse-off products like detanglers, conditioners, and styling products. They are also included in shampoo and conditioner and also in cosmetics of all kinds. These chemicals are absorbed readily through the skin when they are included in these kinds of products that are used on a daily basis.

Toothpaste, shaving gel, deodorant, and sunscreens also include parabens when they are not made with organic ingredients. You will be able to avoid this exposure in most cases only if you shop for paraben-free products or fully organic cosmetic and haircare items.

Avoiding Parabens is Important

Avoiding exposure to parabens is critical for people of all ages. You should try and limit the amount of exposure that you are given on a daily basis since these chemicals are connected with so many really serious birth defects and health issues. Parabens are one of the more serious daily risks that everyone is exposed to these days, but thankfully you can avoid them if you shop with care when getting your hair and skincare products.

This article was last updated on January 20, 2023 .

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