How to Use Raw Cocoa Butter

Raw cocoa butter has lots of uses and you might have been missing out on adding this product to your routine for skin and scalp care. Cocoa butter is a common ingredient in a lot of skincare products and can also be found in hair conditioners that are organic or natural in nature. You can actually make a lot of your own beauty products at home if you have cocoa butter on hand.

Using Raw Cocoa Butter

The most common way to use raw cocoa butter is to break off a small piece and just apply it to your skin by rubbing it. The friction will melt the butter, and then your skin can absorb it. This will not leave a greasy residue on your skin, either. 

If you are having trouble making the cocoa butter melt, you can place it in a small bowl and then float the bowl in hot water until the cocoa butter melts. You can also add some cocoa butter to a glass container and float it in hot water, then add essential oils and Vitamin E to make a skin cream that is soft and silky and smells great.

Some people also will slice off some raw cocoa butter and dissolve it in the bath or carry it with them into the shower to use to rub on their skin in the heat of the shower water. Make sure that you do not slip on the residue that might collect on the floor of the shower if you use the shower method.

What Can Cocoa Butter Do For Your Skin?

Cocoa butter can make your skin soft and hydrated, and it can also help to improve scars and stretch marks. It is also a really good treatment for eczema or dermatitis, and you can replace your regular skin lotions with this healthy alternative. You can also use your cocoa butter for chapped lips and to make sure that your skin is not exposed to harsh chemicals after you exfoliate or wash it.

Cocoa butter is also really cheap, and you can get a pound for about $12- $20. This will last you a really long time and make it possible for you to take care of your skin and your hair with ease while also making really fun personal skincare products your way.

Cocoa Butter is a Healthy Skin Care Alternative

If you have been looking for a skincare or haircare product that is cheap and really effective, as well as being natural, you need to consider starting to use raw cocoa butter to make your own skincare products. You will love how great your skin feels and looks when you use cocoa butter instead of moisturizers with chemicals and fragrances added to them.

This is also a really affordable option if you want to stop paying so much money for your skincare items every day. Cocoa butter is a superior product to many other moisturizers on the market, and you will love how effective it is.

This article was last updated on May 15, 2023 .

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