How to Keep Your Hair in Place Without Hairspray

Keeping your hair in place without hairspray can seem like it might be impossible. You might be feeling like flat hair or hair that gets in your face is inevitable without your hairspray in hand. But there are some other ways to make your hair stay put if you have run out of hairspray. You don’t have to accept bad hair if you have these other items on hand.

These other alternatives can be perfect for your use in place of hairspray, and they are often much healthier for you as well.

Things You can Use in Place of Hairspray

  1. Mousse

This is a light and fluffy product that can do the same thing as hair spray. You might even like the hold that Mousse offers your hair a little better because it is so soft and flexible. Mousse can be a great solution for all kinds of hair styling needs, and it is really easy to apply. Mousse products also come in various levels of hold for different hair textures and styling needs. Mousse is kind of like hairspray that has been made into a foam, which can be really ideal for some hair types.

  1. Dry Shampoo

Believe it or not, you can use dry shampoo to keep your style in place. You will want to make sure that you are using a spray can version for the best results. Just spray close to your roots and then lift and style your hair into place. You can also scrunch your hair with your hands to press in waves or add some volume.

  1. Sugar Water

You can make your own hairspray by diluting some sugar into boiling water and then transferring it to a spray bottle. Sugar water can be an ideal choice since it is a natural way to get the same experience you would get from a can of hairspray. This solution also eliminates your exposure to harsh or harmful chemicals that might be bad for you and for your lungs. If you want to make your hairspray product smell great, just add some essential oils.

  1. Citrus Water

If you have some oranges in your fridge, you can juice them and mix the juice into water. Spritz onto your hair and style as usual! Oranges and other citrus fruits can make a nice sticky and light holding spray that also smells really good and isn’t drying to your hair. Being without hairspray is not a big deal if you have an orange or two in your fridge.

Running Out of Hairspray Isn’t the End of the World

If you have run out of hairspray, don’t panic! You probably have at least one of these other options in your cupboards, and you can use these things in place of your hairspray with ease. You will not have to face a day of flat or unstyled hair if you have any of these styling products on hand to take the place of your hairspray of choice.

This article was last updated on May 15, 2023 .

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