How to Exfoliate Dry Skin (Answered)

How to Exfoliate Dry Skin (Answered)

Taking care of your skin involves various kinds of care. You need to offer it moisture and wash it, but you also need to exfoliate your skin so that it can get the most from your other efforts. Dry and scaly skin can persist even if you wash and moisturize without exfoliating.

Not everyone knows how to exfoliate their skin. There are different ways to take care of this need for different parts of your body. Your face needs different care than the rest of your body, and you might have to exfoliate more carefully if you have very sensitive skin. Making sure that you are exfoliating properly is just as important as doing so at all.

How to Exfoliate Facial Skin

All delicate skin should be exfoliated with a product that is made for this kind of skin. You will want to avoid pressing hard or scrubbing when you exfoliate these areas, so you don’t damage your skin. You will also want to make a short series of passes with fingertips over this kind of skin and then call it good. This is more than enough for this skin type and should take care of your dry skin with ease.

You might also want to avoid peels on this kind of skin and stick with gentle exfoliating scrubs. Peels can burn delicate skin and cause rashes, which is not helpful when it comes to preparing your skin to accept moisture or getting rid of dead skin cells.

Exfoliating Your Body

Areas on your body can always be exfoliated just by using a shower loofah or a washcloth and making circular motions while you wash with your usual body care product. You can also exfoliate with a body scrub that is made with mild abrasive materials that can help to remove excess dead skin more rapidly.

Always use gentle circular motions, and do not scrub the skin on your body while you are exfoliating. This will prevent skin irritation and damage that can lead to redness and even small cuts. Exfoliating your body can be done more often than exfoliation of sensitive skin, like your facial skin, and you can do this process a few times a week if you wish.

Make sure that you listen to your skin, however. If your skin gets upset, you will want to back off on your frequency of this kind of treatment to prevent skin damage and rashes. 

Exfoliation is Important for Skin Health

If you want to be sure that your skin is glowing, moisturized, and dry skin free, you need to add exfoliation to your routine. This is a simple process, and it can feel really good when you do it right. Your skin will be prepared to accept moisture, and you will have better results with makeup as well when you exfoliate. There are many reasons that this process should be part of your skincare routine, and now you know how to do it right.

This article was last updated on December 9, 2022 .

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