How Much Time Should We Keep Vitamin C Serum on Face (Answered)

How Much Time Should We Keep Vitamin C Serum on Face (Answered)

Vitamin C serum is becoming increasingly popular to help remove blemishes and signs of aging and to get rid of sunspots and other signs of aging. However, this product is still new enough that not everyone is sure how to use these products correctly. Since you can actually irritate your skin with these serums if you do not use them correctly, it matters that you know how long they are to be left on the skin. Being able to get the best results from your vitamin C serum requires that you use it correctly every time you apply it.

How Much Time to Keep Vitamin C Serum on Skin

Many people use vitamin C serum at night and let it remain on their skin overnight. If you choose to follow this plan, make sure that the product that you are using is intended for this kind of use, and also make sure you wash your face the next morning. You should not leave vitamin C serum on your face when you are going to go out into the sun or even the daylight, as you might burn severely.

If you have very sensitive skin, you might only be able to leave this kind of treatment on your skin for a few hours at a time, and then you will need to wash it off. There are also different strengths of these products, and you need to be sure that you are not using a strong product that is not meant to be left on for longer than a half hour or so.

Always put the serum on a test patch of skin somewhere out of sight to see how your skin handles the use of these products as well. Not everyone can tolerate the application of vitamin C serum due to the sensitivity of their skin. You might have to try a few different versions of these products as well before you find the right one for you.

Vitamin C Serum Can be Used Based on Your Unique Needs

 While you should never leave vitamin C serum on your skin for longer than overnight, you can reduce the time that it is left on your skin as much as is required so that you can use it successfully. Some people only use it for about a half hour every few days, while some people are able to use it every day successfully. Make sure to do a test patch to make sure that you are not going to have a bad reaction to the product that you have selected. Slowly increase the time that you wear the serum to find out your skin’s tolerance.

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