How Does Hairspray Work? (Answered)

Hairspray is one of the things that nearly everyone has used on their hair at some time or another. However, most people do not know how hairspray works. There are some common ingredients that most hairsprays have that make them effective at their job of holding your hair in place.

Knowing more about what hairspray is and what it does can help you to decide when it is a good option for your styling needs. Hairspray might be the perfect thing for your hair, but it could also be a less ideal choice than another product that is designed to hold your style in place.

What Is Hairspray for?

Hairspray is used to hold hairstyles in place so that they do not lose volume or slip out of place. There are various kinds of hairspray on the market, and many companies make hairspray products that offer differing levels of hold and stickiness. Different kinds of hair styling needs might necessitate different kinds of hold.

Hairspray is often the finishing product that is used to “glue” an entire hairstyle together. For those who dance or who participate in sports of other kinds, hairspray can be the only thing that keeps hair in place and looking tidy. There are many applications for hairspray, and many people use this kind of product on a daily basis.

How Does it Work?

Hairspray includes polymers or naturally sticky ingredients that make your hair stick to itself. This forms what is essentially an invisible hairnet that surrounds your hairstyle and keeps it in place all day long. When the hairspray dries, it grows firm and keeps your hair from sliding against itself or slipping out of pins and other kinds of anchors.

The tackier or firm the hold that is offered by the hairspray product, the less your hair will move around. Firmer holds will also prevent moisture and humidity from impacting your hairstyle as well. This can be really ideal for those with curly hair or wavy hair who want to avoid frizz.

Application of your hairspray has to be done correctly for optimal performance. You will want to be sure that you hold your hairspray away from your hair and that you move the spray around as you are applying it. Be careful not to breathe in the spray in the air either to avoid possible exposure to the chemicals and ingredients that are contained in spray cans of this type.

When you apply hairspray too close to your hair, it can make your hair stiff, gluey, or rigid. You want to be sure to hold the can about five inches from your head for best results.

Hairspray Creates an Invisible Bond That Holds Hair in Place

Hairspray products are made to hold your hair in place so that you do not have to use pins, hairnets, and other devices to keep your style in place all day long. Be sure that you get the right firmness of hold with your hairspray of choice for the best results with your styling efforts. 

This article was last updated on May 29, 2023 .

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