Do Soap Bars Get Dirty? (Answered)

This might seem like a silly question. After all, soap is for getting you clean, so soap can’t get dirty! That is not really the case, however, and your bar of soap can definitely get dirty and grow bacteria. You will want to be aware of this health risk so that you can keep the soap that you are using in the shower or the bath clean and ready for use each time you need it. Once you realize that your soap can get dirty, it can change the way that you think about taking care of this beauty product in your home.

Germs Stay on Soap

Studies have shown that bacteria can stay on a bar of soap, even if you rinse off the bar of soap before you put it back in the tray or the container that you have been keeping it on or in. You will find that stored soap that is inside a container is much more likely to grow mold or bacteria than soap that is out on the side of the sink due to the conditions inside a closed container.

Soap is only meant to wash off or lift off the dirt and dead skin cells on your skin. It is not usually meant to disinfect your skin. This means that the bar of soap that you touch with dirty hands will be just as dirty as your hands unless you clean it off very thoroughly once your hands are clean. There are increased risks associated with bacterial growth for some soaps that are made with natural fats as well.

How to Keep Soap From Getting Dirty

When you are using bar soap for your bathing needs or for handwashing, you will want to make sure that you rinse it off very carefully when you are done using it. Drying your soap bar is a good idea and keeping it away from the edge of the sink or wet places in the bathroom is a good idea as well. You will want to use a soap dish with holes so that the soap can drain as well.

Rinse the surface of the soap before you use it and after you use it, no matter what. This will help with built-up grime and will make sure that the soap is not so dry that it captures bacteria in the cracks and ledges that can show up in the middle of the bar over time. Do not store your soap in a closed container if you want to be sure that it will not grow bacteria or spoil.

Soap Can Get Dirty

Soap is not meant to be antibacterial in most cases. This means that bar soap can be quite grimy and dirty and can be covered with bacteria when it is not stored properly and kept clean in between uses. Moving from bar soap to liquid soap can make a big difference in your handwashing or bathing routine if you are worried about your bar of soap being too dirty to use safely. Bar soap is not as popular these days as other soap products for this reason.

This article was last updated on May 5, 2023 .

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