The 10 Best Organic Hand Soaps 2020

Looking for the best organic hand soap? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 list of the best organic hand soaps currently for sale online:

If you have not been living under a rock or inside a cave, you would know that the recent craze of most of the ladies around the world is collecting organic hand soaps.

These hand soaps have, over the last few years, gained a lot of popularity amongst the people, and they love to choose them over the usual, chemical-laden, regular soaps.

Moisturizing the hands is really important for skincare as the harsh weather takes a toll on the hands, rendering them dry and flaky. An organic hand soap, in such a situation, turns out to be a life savior.

No matter how much one washes the hands using these soaps, they simply do not get dry. Rather, the user is able to smell a wonderful fragrance coming out of their hands after persistent usage.

What is Organic Hand Soap?

If you are one of those people who still have no idea what an organic hand soap is, you need to know that they are a kind of soap that is made without the inclusion of any chemical. They are made in a natural way, without any usage of any machinery. They are manufactured using oils or fats and to add color to them, natural dyes are mostly preferred.

Just like organic farming is much more beneficial than conventional farming, it can be said that the organic soaps are much more convenient than the regular ones. With all the natural items used in making them, once used, the user smells good wherever he goes.

Compared to the synthetic soaps that were used by the people a few years ago, these organic soaps are much better. Laden with organic ingredients and filled with harmless materials, they ensure to provide their users with the utmost level of convenience. Mostly, these organic soaps have glycerin and petroleum in high quantities.

These ingredients provide great moisture to the skin when used for long periods of time. On the other hand, the ‘regular’ hand soaps are made of harsh colors and preservatives that are too dangerous to use. Thus, it can be said that switching from regular soap to the natural hand soap is surely a good decision.

What is Organic Hand Soap Good for?

Organic soap is good for many reasons. First of all, the best organic hand soap is the one that is the most gentle on your skin. The regular soaps are filled with chemicals that make great lather when applied to the body.

For some moments, they do feel good. However, the chemicals that make this lather, later on, affect the skin badly. They make the skin go dry and cause conditions like eczema.

Contrary to them, the organic soaps may not make much foam or lather while a person is scrubbing his hands with them, but they surely provide great moisture to the skin. Thus, if one has to choose, he would surely opt for long term benefits over short term pleasure.

Secondly, organic soaps do not contain any kind of pesticides. With the natural ingredients used to manufacture them, they provide great relief to the skin. On the other hand, the regular soaps that have pesticides in them make these chemicals get absorbed in the skin. Once absorbed into the skin, these chemicals turn out to be quite fatal for the users.

Thirdly, the world of today is quite harsh to the environment already. Due to our choices, we have caused great harm to Mother Earth, which has, in turn, enhanced the global warming level to a great deal. This calls for action and we need to take this matter seriously.

A reduction in chemically composed products can help in a great deal. As the organic soaps are made without the inclusion of any kind of chemical, it can be said that making them lead the planet Earth to a batter path. These soaps are environmentally friendly and use no chemicals and pesticides in their synthesis, they turn out to be biodegradable.

On the contrary, as the regular soaps contain a lot of chemicals in them, it is surely difficult to biodegrade them.

What Ingredients Does Organic Hand Soap Contain?

People who keep asking how to make organic hand soap, they should know that only natural ingredients are used in making natural hand soaps. Some of the most famous items used in their manufacturing include:

  • Base oils
  • Glycerin
  • Essential oil
  • Rose petals
  • Buttermilk
  • Vitamins A and E

Who Should Use Organic Hand Soap?

If you have dry, flaky skin, it is a good time for you to get rid of all the chemical-ridden beauty products and opt for organic ones. Dry skin already lacks moisture and chemicals tend to take off all the little bit moisture that it already has. Thus, it may, at times, lead to severe issues such as eczema.

Along with this, if you are fond of beautiful fragrances but hate showering in perfumes, you need to opt for these natural items. They will give your body a soft fragrance that will stay with you for a very long period of time. Along with this, if you use it consistently, you will be able to make it a feature of your body. Moreover, you can try organic face masks for more radiant skin.

What Are The Popular Organic Hand Soap Brands?

Over the last few years, organic soaps have gained a lot of popularity all over the world and people have developed a great interest in them. A lot of companies are now offering their customers with organic soaps that are made has some impressive ingredients. Some of the most popular brands offering their customers with great organic soaps are:

  3. Puracy
  4. OM SHE
  5. Natural HomeLogic
  6. Avalon Organics


Switching from the regular hand soaps to organic hand soaps is a decision you should take now. As they provide great moisture, natural items as its ingredients and a lovely fragrance to the body, they are surely worth spending your money on. Also, long term usage will make them cost-friendly for you.

This article was last updated on February 12, 2020 .

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