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The 10 Best Coconut Oil Shampoos 2020

Looking for the best coconut oil shampoos? We’ve got you covered with our top 10 list of the best coconut oil shampoos currently for sale online: Scroll further down for our full coconut oil shampoo buyers guide.

Coconut Oil Shampoo Buying Guide

Many people have been using coconut oil shampoos in order to attain a healthy, glossy and luxuriant type of hair. Some users procure coconut oil shampoo with the aim of getting rid of infections in their hair. Coconut oil has been a powerhouse when it pertains to health benefits and caring for the hair and skin.

Coconut oil contains antimicrobial agents that fight against infection in the hair while at the same time, it enhances texture, appearance, and health of hair thereby preventing hair damage.

However, there are many coconut oil shampoos on the market which you can easily purchase and make use of it. Whether it is costly or cheap? Moisturizing or volumizing? How will you choose decisively the most suitable product on the market?

Generally, choosing the most suitable coconut oil shampoo is one of the main factors that decide whether you will be having a glossy and luxuriant hair or unhealthy and scraggly hair. Many products are out there that are not safe for application on the hair. Some of these products are harmful and are capable of causing life-long health problems on hair and the skin.

These are due to ingredients and formulas used to produce these products. Hence, there is a need for a proper buying guide before purchasing coconut oil shampoo.

Coconut Oil Types

There are various types of coconut oil shampoo with distinguishable characteristics such as cleaning power, ingredients, fragrance, and prices.  Also, there are the ones that are paraben and sulfate-free. There are three types of coconut oil used as ingredients in manufacturing coconut oil shampoos. There is refined, unrefined or virgin and partially hydrogenated oil.

Refined oils are less costly and have no flavor or scent of coconut while unrefined coconut oil has slight taste and quality is based on the freshness of coconut. Partially hydrogenated oil is used as a carrier oil for fragrances. Manufacturers produced virgin oil from freshly, unbleached coconuts without using intense heat or chemical. It is the most beneficial and the purest of the three types of coconut oil.

Other Uses Of Refined Coconut Oil

What is coconut oil shampoo good for:

  • One of the main reasons why coconut is added in formulas is that it is rich in an antimicrobial agent that gets rid of viral, fungal or bacterial infections.
  • It also has lauric acid content that enables it to penetrate inside the hair shaft which makes dry and damaged hair look healthier.
  • Coconut oil also helps in protecting against or improving the damage caused by exposure of hair to ultraviolet rays or damages as a result of chemicals.
  • It also reduces the loss of protein in both damaged and undamaged hair as coconut oil assists in improving protein build up in the hair follicle
  • It also stops hair from absorbing water and preventing frizziness.

What to look for when buying coconut oil shampoo?

How will you choose a favorite brand? Which company’s product do you feel is suitable for you? Which type of coconut oil shampoo will you purchase? Virgin, refined of fractionated?

Here and many other questions must be coming to the mind who needs or want to buy a coconut oil shampoo product. There are some tips and factors you should look out for when buying any product.

Refreshing and growth power

One of the reasons for using coconut oil shampoo is to be able to refresh and nourish the hair growth. A good coconut oil shampoo contains vitamins and essential fatty acids that assist the hairs in growing longer, thicker and faster. It also nourishes the scalp and eliminates the accumulation of sebum from hair follicles.

Soft ingredients

A good coconut oil shampoo should improve your hair without drying out, and should not be irritable. The hair it has been used for should always be soft and sleek and shouldn’t be crinkly and tangled. The ingredients should be safe for the health of the user.

A good coconut oil shampoo must be sulfates, parabens, and phthalates free. Another ingredient to look out for is triethanolamine which has been found to be carcinogenic. These ingredients are irritable, carcinogenic and can disrupt hormone functions thereby causing tumors. It is better to look out for coconut oil shampoos with plant-based, organic or raw ingredients in them.

Good smell

It is advisable to stay away from the product that merely says “fragrance” in the ingredient list and lookup for products that list essential oils that are used for fragrance. Essential oils are beneficial alternatives to synthetic fragrances.

However, you have checked all these, you can decide on the type of smell you prefer whether it is citrusy, medicinal or floral, etc. The best way to try this is basically the trial and error method to find the proper scent you can appreciate or tolerate. Some products have fragrances that leave a non-fading scent on the hair for a long period of time. They are may preferable as well.

Logical price

Sometimes, you will have to think reasonably before buying a shampoo. When a product that is offering less price can have the same quality and quantity as a premium product, then what makes me not to go for the lesser priced product. However, it depends on your choice of choosing. If the premium-priced product gives you more satisfaction, you can decide to go for it as well.

Who Coconut Oil Shampoo is Meant For

Hair type: Different types of hair respond distinctly to oil which makes it impossible for coconut oil to work for all types of hair. Mostly, coconut oil in shampoos helps to improve and retain natural proteins for hair which makes it ideal for those people deficient of natural protein in their follicles. Normally, if you are allergic to coconut oil, it is advisable not to use it irrespective of the type of hair you have.

However, for people who are not allergic to coconut oil shampoo, it depends on their hair type. If you possess a fine, soft and medium shiny hair, coconut oil is an extra advantage as it will make it stronger and more glossy with more volume.

But if your hair is coarse, stiff, dry hair and having low protein in their hair follicle, coconut oil may not work for them effectively and may lead to brittleness and loss of hair. Moreover, always use coconut oil in a small amount. Excessive use of it can lead to protein buildup which can lead to loss of hair.

Popular Coconut Oil Brands

OGX Beauty

OGX is one of the popular beauty brands that are known for its exotic and luxurious beauty products. The brand is by Vogue international companies. The brand has been known for producing refreshing products that are nourishing and admonishing when being used by its consumers.

Apart from that, the smell of their products is ambrosial and resilient for a long period of time. And their product is sulfate and paraben-free.


Palmer is a popular brand that is known for quality and valuable hair products they offer to their consumers. They produce affordable products that don’t contain sulfates or parabens which makes their products safe for consumer’s use. Their products are well formulated and work perfectly to the satisfaction of their users.

This article was last updated on December 7, 2020 .

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